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Lemons and lemonade

19 May 2019

Dear LPG, 



I know that we are all components of one set of national statistics or another, but I have found myself becoming part of a set of statistics that I am not happy to be associated with lately.


I lost someone special about five years ago and now, gradually I have found myself getting a bit more downhearted than I have ever remembered being before.  I do spend quite a lot of time on my own and not because I cannot get out, I just seem to have lost the need to.   I sometimes promise myself that I will get out, but half way through the day I am still not ready, and when I think about it, it feels like making the effort to is not worth it. 


I know that I cannot be unique because I have found some statistics that tell me that, but you have to do something even if you are alone and my answer is to watch films on those television channels that offer the older ones.  I particularly like the ones where the guy gets the girl, everyone appears to live happily ever after and I am left with that warm fuzzy feeling as I get up to make a cuppa.


 I watched a film the other day and it got me thinking.  The film was called ‘Love happens’.  It is a relatively modern film and was made in 2009.   It’s about how someone gets over bereavement, but it starts with a really intuitive message; ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. 


I Googled and found that the quote was originally penned by Elbert Hubbard in 1915 as part of his description of an actor called Marshall Wilder, because he was vertically challenged but used that attribute to become a memorable actor.  I also found a song that left me feeling positive with the same title.


It is a message that gave me a serious reason to rethink my whole life and I would like to pass the thought on to all those fellow readers who may be on the verge of being a bit down in the dumps; which is where depression often starts.  


I now try to focus on the funny, personal, enjoyable and entertaining moments that I shared with the person that I have lost rather than the fact that they are no longer with me.  Perhaps that is my version of lemonade, but I urge any readers who find themselves where I have been, for whatever reason (and I know that there must be many), to be inspired by the quote and watch the film if you appreciate ‘happily ever after’ movies.  As a result I do feel a little more positive and actually get past the front door a little more often.


So I would just like to use this opportunity to offer this message to LPG readers; When something sad or bad happens to you, you need to find just one positive thing that can come out of it in order to be on the gradual slope of escape from  melancholy. 


DI, Downham



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