...the voice of pensioners

Don’t be put off; keep holding on!

02 Jul 2020

DC reminds us that we should not be put off by those recorded messages that we all hear when making an official telephone call these days. 

So much red tape at a time like this…

01 Jul 2020

Perhaps GF is pointing out the obvious on a subject which is hard to broach at the best of times in the hope that the authorities that can, will make dealing with this particular problem easier for those who are left behind. 

An emergency history and geography lesson…

30 Jun 2020

JB, inspired by an aunt’s birthday offers birthday wishes and a geographical history lesson on the telephone emergency services.

Making sure UV not overdone it.

29 Jun 2020

DH takes the time to remind us that it is important to be mindful of the properties of the sun and the fact that you can sunbathe from behind the living room window

Let’s take a post-pandemic leaf out of the farmers’ book…

28 Jun 2020

Perhaps CJ is not the only person who has revived a few old friendships and relationships with the help of lock down and the telephone over the past few months.  Her farmers’ analogy may be just what is needed to make sure that such renewed friendships are maintained.  

See, snap and be ready…

27 Jun 2020

who like to take photos of their grandchildren, or indeed anything that may appear on their computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone screen…

Striving for a personal ‘happily ever after’’ at the end of every night’s sleep

26 Jun 2020

Perhaps WD is offering something that is not possible for us all to achieve as we approach international Sleep awareness day, but just think of all the extra sleep you will get trying to follow the rules of this experiment!

Do all the time-savers really save time?

25 Jun 2020

AK takes the time to look at one aspect of just how time consumption has been affected by all the new innovations put in place to do just that…

The importance of a different type of dating…

24 Jun 2020

DC, inspired by an older relative, passes on a quite relevant, bit of advice that is so basic that we so often forget…

Err on the side of caution for just a bit longer…

23 Jun 2020

In this climate where the government is perpetually changing the lock-down rules that are designed to bring us out of stay-at-home mode, AY has a message for LPG readers.

Versed thoughts (chapter 7): Simon the Swan

22 Jun 2020

Poetry has, for a long time, been a way of triggering the mind into thought and, while many younger people find it more difficult to appreciate, we old school’ individuals are much more likely to read and take motivation from its subtleties.  Please try Foster’s rhyme for size.

Perhaps another thing to add to your ‘lock down’ to do list…

21 Jun 2020

CB shares something found at the bottom of a cupboard which might just make a difference to those lock down telephone conversations and also be useful when we get back to being able to receive guests again…

‘The doctor Said.’… you mean ‘The doctor advised’!

20 Jun 2020

Just every now and then we can find ourselves in the doctors consulting room disagreeing with his solution to the medical problem that we have explained.  WR throws some light on where that leaves the patient…

Inheriting a sticky hobby?

19 Jun 2020

TG offers some advice for any reader who has inherited a stamp collection and has no idea what to do with it. 

The soap, the knife, the gun and the blunt instrument…

18 Jun 2020

Perhaps it is not possible for the values of the world to stand still, but LPG has to ask if EC is the only telly watcher who would like to turn back the clock just a little? 

Let’s all think dirty, just for today…

17 Jun 2020

DR asks us to spare a thought for the bin men today as we live through their special day and suggests that though it stemmed from one of the many American ideas, all bin men, no matter which country they work in, could do with our thoughts and appreciation today. 

When hot nights make sleeping difficult…

16 Jun 2020

Perhaps CL has hit upon an issue that is affecting even more of us, this year, as our nights seem even longer and lock down continues, but some very interesting solutions are offered in this post. 

Magna Carta, a celebration of national law…

15 Jun 2020

DL sent this thought to us a while ago now but we at LPG felt it would be fitting to post it on the anniversary of the great signing in spite of the fact that it is more of an observation on how the world has used this document rather than of its content.   

Spot the difference…

14 Jun 2020

HS shares one of the new pastimes that being home for so long has given him the time to get started on…

Dating for the rest of this year…

13 Jun 2020

Perhaps DL’s advice is a little late but with half the year left, this is worth taking into consideration… 

Ode to those with a smart phone and butter-fingers…

12 Jun 2020

Perhaps CJC has been inspired because of personal experience, but LPG suggests that unless you are truly technically minded, you leave such a task to the professionals and appreciate his poem for its artistic content. 

The value of vinyl these days…

11 Jun 2020

RR focusses in on yet another collectable which could have a lot more than intrinsic value…   

Time for corporate contemplation…

10 Jun 2020

Perhaps Rudy has a conscience jogging message for all the business owners and bosses as covid 19 continues to influence our lifestyles…

Someone to look up to.

09 Jun 2020

Perhaps CK is obviously a grandmother, but she has some strong opinions on the positive influence that grandparents, particularly grandfathers when it comes to the boys, can have in helping to ensure that their grandchildren have at least one ‘flesh and blood’ role model to look up to as they learn the ways of the world.

Is the state of your garden surviving the virus?

08 Jun 2020

KR is reminded of that little bit of green that he was neglecting and hopes to remind any other potential partners in crime that it is still out there and in need of some TLC…

Birthday inspiration.

07 Jun 2020

CJC offers a poem today and wonders how many other family patriarchs (and matriarchs, in this world of equality) have found themselves in a similar situation… 

Lockdown…The best of both worlds.

06 Jun 2020

Perhaps Rudy has found a project, for some of our readers, that can be planned while there is still a little lock down time… 

Keeping a bit more in touch

05 Jun 2020

NS offers a somewhat ambitious notion that might make this continued lock down period a little more interesting as those who already know how, help the less able along… 

Keeping them out rather than killing them when they are in…

04 Jun 2020

As promised we are repeating this post in preparation for another British summer.  Perhaps GD is not the only pensioner who has issues with this problem.  The internet introduces us to some alternative solutions to dealing with this summer’s fly invasion.

Man to man…

03 Jun 2020

SD knows that the end of lockdown will be celebrated in many ways and suggest that men of all ages prepare for the man-to-man hug situation. He suggests that you can’t be too old to be prepared…

Crossing things out can sometimes be quite satisfying…

02 Jun 2020

Perhaps CT has a message that is relevant at any time but especially while we find ourselves at home more…

Dozy days and sleepless nights…

01 Jun 2020

Perhaps AV is one of the many pensioners that finds themselves with too much time on their hands at the moment, but her loss of early morning sleep is our gain as she shares her very early thoughts on the age we are living through at the moment… 

The expressionless face of our world’s streets.

31 May 2020

Perhaps FI has a point when arguing that it is better to do something that might not have any effect at all, but may just help you avoid giving or catching this virus… 

Just not the same...

30 May 2020

SD makes a really poignant point as he points out one of the fundamental actions that so many of us have not had the opportunity to perform for what seems like a really long time…

Girls of a certain age, do you remember?

29 May 2020

Oh memories, RP shares a few of hers while admitting that they go back a bit.  The staff at LPG are sure that these memories may be shared by a few other ‘girls of a certain age’ and hope that RP is able to do a little jogging as you read through them. 

Routine; one way of maintaining yours...

28 May 2020

AY reminds us of a message which, though written some time ago might be quite relevant to some self-isolators…

Is that everything?

27 May 2020

GS offers readers the benefit of the learning curve that preparing a holiday has offered and hopes that the things learned along the way may be helpful to fellow readers traveling the same path.

Have all the models rolled away?

26 May 2020

Rudy skims the surface by broaching a subject that is surely very close to many grandparents’ hearts in these times we are living in…

Thank you NHS, and here are some other people we need to thank…

25 May 2020

RL highlights another group of people that we need to thank for helping so many get through the traumas of lockdown…

Age; the ‘Looks Taker’

24 May 2020

Rudy offers one take on the evolution of humankind…

Keep loving them, but remember to keep your distance…

23 May 2020

Perhaps, even after living with Covid-19 for all this time there are still some aspects that we may have missed. Today PK revisits the situation from the pet owners point of view

Something else to do while you’re in the queue…

22 May 2020

We English are renowned for our patience when it comes to waiting in queues, but even that is being tested these days. HW offers another insight into our new way of shopping and offers something else to do when you run out of mobile phone conversation during the presently extended waiting times.

Versed thoughts (chapter 6): Measurements

21 May 2020

Foster has penned another poem written with the backdrop of Coronavirus echoed in its verses….

Foot freedom and feeling the floor.

20 May 2020

AH finds another way to address electrical imbalances in the body for those who can try something which will cost them no extra money at all.

The world’s ‘Money Grabbers’ or the ‘Financially Shrewd’?

19 May 2020

Without prejudice, Rudy broaches a small point which finds itself in the area of national interest today. 

Our shrinking homes.

18 May 2020

Those who are literally self-isolating find the loneliness hard to deal with but VL offers us an insight into life on the other side of the coin…

No Egghead or Chaser…

17 May 2020

No doubt, being forced to watch more television than usual has triggered Rudy’s writing today, but perhaps some readers will identify with his perception of the differences between the things that were important to the educational era of the youngsters who are today’s pensioners… 

Swapping the word ‘home’ for ‘alert’.

16 May 2020

IP offers her take on the Prime Minister’s recent national address.

Another little known national commemoration day

15 May 2020

PA originally sent this thought to us exactly 11 months ago with the suggestion that we repost it giving readers a month to make arrangements to make plans to mark the day this year.

Will the world ever agree on anything?

14 May 2020

Perhaps GK is looking at this issue simply but this message offers food for thought for our readers who have an interest in things political…

A special message for nappers on World Sleep Day.

13 May 2020

AJ suggest that those LPG readers, who are prone to napping, consider the answer to a very relevant question on the day put aside for sleep awareness, now that they are particularly rested. 

A little nonsense that might make you smile…

12 May 2020

SD tries to give readers something far removed from our recent experiences with the reminder of a celebrity day that might lighten our lives regardless of if we are still all self-isolating or if we are   taking our first steps beyond the front door again as we are reminded of National Limerick day …

Let’s prepare for a sleep in…

11 May 2020

The day after tomorrow will be World Sleep day, one of the new wave of celebration days, and HJ asks us to have a think about our sleep patterns in preparation.

My storage problem risen to new heights…

10 May 2020

LPG would say this is one of those articles which should come with a side-order of ‘don’t try this at home’ but for those potential hoarders who own their own house, are able, have help and can exercise a degree of common sense, it may be one solution to a problem.

Versed thoughts (chapter 5): Extensions

09 May 2020

There is no doubt that Foster’s inspiration for this poem is the instructions that we continue to receive on the importance of washing your hands ….

May Day on Friday?

08 May 2020

TK highlights VE day and offers some facts about bank holidays in general.…

Why must the wicked be strong?

07 May 2020

Rudy offers us proof that a mixture of self-isolation and music can create all manner of thoughts…

They can’t catch the virus but they could catch you…

06 May 2020

Perhaps HW has a point when mentioning that going shopping can be a lengthy business these days and he offers a little advice about your car if you decide to drive before you queue…

Age, Culture, Gender, conscience and Church…

05 May 2020

Rudy offers us a conscience-provoking thought for today as we continue to have more time for deep thought on our hands and live without so many of the things that we have become so used to.

A celebratory week that is likely to be hard to observe this year…

04 May 2020

PM offers us some thoughts inspired by an early morning browsing session which informed her of a celebratory week that we are all likely to cancel this year… 

In spite of everything, let’s try to celebrate today…

03 May 2020

WF reminds us that today is World laughter day and, in spite of all the reasons that celebrating might be challenging, suggests that trying our best to observe this event might be good for us…

Thank you NHS, and here are some other people we need to thank…

02 May 2020

RL highlights another group of people that we need to thank for helping so many get through the traumas of lockdown…

Something to do with the help of your window or back door?

02 May 2020

NE reminds us that tomorrow will be National Dawn Chorus Day and has a suggestion for all those people whose sleep is affected because of the upshot that this year’s self-isolation has caused…

Stamps; not that bad a deal…

01 May 2020

TG, commemorates the anniversary of the penny black by offering us an unusual history and perspective on the impact it has left on the world of postage…

A message from LPG

30 Apr 2020

LPG offers a message, at this very difficult time, to all our readers and those who offer their thoughts and concerns to be shared on the website pages. 

One way of keeping up to date during lock down…

29 Apr 2020

Perhaps NI has found another result of self-isolation which might be waring some readers down as the weeks continue.  If so her offering of a solution may be of some help

GDPR.. get them to show what they know about you…

28 Apr 2020

Perhaps CP is saying something that we all remember becoming a topic with a high profile a couple of years ago when the law changed.  But when we click to accept a sites privacy policy do we take on board exactly what we are doing?

Will we feel different about taking that first trip out when UK lock down ends?

27 Apr 2020

Perhaps AY’s point will get us all thinking about how quickly the enforced state of staying at home has changed from being an inconvenience to personal protection for many of us, and he wonders about what and how we will feel when it is over…

Self-isolation; a friendship changer

26 Apr 2020

Perhaps OK has a point when wondering how self-isolation and all those telephone calls that we have made will change our friendships… 

Remember the plug…

25 Apr 2020

ZC points out one of those details which is really obvious, but that often gets missed, and offers readers another good reason to plug appliances out when you are not using them; especially if you are up to date with certain mod cons.  

Money; is collecting really worth it?

24 Apr 2020

Perhaps OL has found some information that will change the way that the commemorative coin collectors among our readers see that hobby.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off….

23 Apr 2020

Perhaps this is a variation on a theme but RM offers a slither of positivity in what can be seen at the moment as a pretty negative world…

Eating; getting started again…

22 Apr 2020

FI offers us a few solutions to the problem of getting back to eating after a bout of illness which might force you to lose your appetite…

Another effect of self-isolation

21 Apr 2020

Perhaps NI has a new perspective of Self-Isolation to offer today, or perhaps it is one that the past month or so has forced us all to think about.  However, you look at it making plans may be one way to fight your way through this challenge. 

According to the Chinese, ‘hanging by the neck’ won’t necessarily kill you

20 Apr 2020

Perhaps we should firstly say ‘don’t try the eastern version of this before checking with your GP’, but KR shares a possible therapy to improve neck and back pain, although the first time you see the Chinese version, it might make your eyes water…. 

A healthy reminder for your car…

19 Apr 2020

Perhaps HW has a timely reminder for those drivers amongst us ….

A sticking point which might help pain…

18 Apr 2020

Acupuncture; we have all heard of it and for some it works well, but OE is still on the fence and would really value another opinion.

A sticking point which might help pain…

18 Apr 2020

Acupuncture; we have all heard of it and for some it works well, but OE is still on the fence and would really value another opinion.

In honour of the real Statistics …

17 Apr 2020

FB sends a message of acknowledgment for those who will not get to the other end of this crisis with us…

Computer voice discrimination?

16 Apr 2020

Perhaps VC has found the answer to a question that few will actually worry about as long as they can understand their computers and virtual assistants when they need to, but did you know that so much scientific research went into the voice we just take for granted if we ever hear what a computer has to say?

The vacuum that makes for a clean sleep…

15 Apr 2020

CL reminds us of the value of one of those chores that we all know needs doing, but that we rarely get around to, with a reminder of the value of cleaning over replacement… 

The vacuum that makes for a clean sleep…

15 Apr 2020

CL reminds us of the value of one of those chores that we all know needs doing, but that we rarely get around to, with a reminder of the value of cleaning over replacement… 

10 Kilos! Please don’t all return!

14 Apr 2020

GW has been ill, come through to the other side, and made a discovery or two along the way, and offers a little advice to fellow readers

Turning the clock back to legibility…

13 Apr 2020

GD offers us a master class in restoration, perhaps for the artistic, but seriously geared towards those readers who may have lost the visibility, which afforded them proof of purchase.

Getting to the other side with thanks!

12 Apr 2020

LPG Appreciates FB passing on yet another experience of self-isolation so far…

Keeping the neighbours guessing…

11 Apr 2020

YF highlights a thing or two that those planning a spell away from home may well know but need to be reminded of at any time of year

Down in the mouth in more ways than one…

10 Apr 2020

Perhaps YS is offering some information that many sufferers already know here but there is a lot of advice which may well be useful to those people who usually suffer in silence.  Perhaps some will find something new that helps to eradicate their mouth ulcer a little more quickly…

Things floating right in front of your eyes….

09 Apr 2020

Perhaps ES’s google search has found the answer to an age old affliction that most of us have forgotten affects us, although there are always differing degrees of severity. Perhaps this post will get some readers checking what is going on with this aspect of their vision.

Keeping your visits real…

08 Apr 2020

LPG would like to thank RE for this observation.  As we get older there is more of a likelihood that we will spend time with a relative who is in care, but until the experience is realised it is very hard to have any understanding of what to expect and, having the opportunity to share any thoughts on the subject, must have the potential to forearm the care home visitors of the future.  

Tea; making a meal of it…

07 Apr 2020

FW tells us a lot about tea in today’s message but perhaps an equally valuable piece of information and advice is to be found at the very bottom of her piece

Something to do while ‘Self-Isolating’

06 Apr 2020

AF has taken the time to put what LPG suspects are the feelings of so many pensioners on paper. By way of an exercise devised to keep contact with those who he cannot reach in any other way his thoughts are very relevant at this time of the ‘coronavirus lock down’ situation we find ourselves in at the moment…

Pensioners and time; opposing points of view…

05 Apr 2020

EW’s comment on time may also help some readers with the age old pop up problem that computers have the habit of offering its users more and more each day, although there is another really pertinent train of thought, which perhaps affects all readers of this site, offered here…

In the interests of National Self-Sanity…

04 Apr 2020

EB suggests that we move away from the focus of the statistics surrounding Coronavirus and find some other things to do during self-isolation…  

It doesn’t have to be a touch; any movement will do…

03 Apr 2020

Perhaps FM is a little behind the times but her story makes a really good point when it comes to protecting plastic money. 

Successes, regrets, two vid’s and too kids…

02 Apr 2020

WB shares a personal measure of philosophy when reflecting on the different ways that generational factions of the same family can perceive the lessons to be learned from life.  

London, honestly, I kid you not!

01 Apr 2020

Perhaps it is a little ironic that all London Boroughs can attribute their origins to such a pointed day, and while OW passes on this nugget of fact we also learn more about the details of the 32 boroughs here.

A message from LPG

31 Mar 2020

LPG ask that readers are a little patient with them at this time and mention that they are happy to accept any offers of administrative  help

My contribution to the ‘Coronavirus will not bring us down!’ campaign.

29 Mar 2020

If self-Isolation is to be the way forward for us oldies, we will need to keep our spirits up and make sure that we have things to do which will occupy our minds.  With this in mind Flippa offers us a challenge which will go some way to keeping us positive. 

Knees; trying my best to delay the foreseeable…

28 Mar 2020

RM shares her research on things that might, if taken onboard now, delay the effects of arthritic and painful knees.

Sleeping while sitting all night – one reason why it is not a good idea…

27 Mar 2020

Perhaps IB is not the only reader to have experienced the effects of swollen ankles.  She shares some online advice on the subject.  

Insurance renewal – don’t just pay… Haggle!

26 Mar 2020

NS passes on some self-learned advice taken from a recent experience and offers a little advice on how to get a better deal.

Another way that shopping can be a therapy…

25 Mar 2020

NH finds a conversation subject that, when broached during a visit, might just help put someone’s mind at rest and also give you a new topic of conversation.

Potentially sorting out one pain in the neck…

24 Mar 2020

OP homes in on the neck strings today and shares a few remedial ideas found on line…

Everything needs a bit of a spring clean ….

23 Mar 2020

Is yours sticky or did you have an accident with a cup of tea or coffee? FT offers some solutions for getting it clean again; we are talking about your computer…

Coronavirus house arrest?

22 Mar 2020

Perhaps GK has found a way that even coronavirus can allow us to smile for a short while, but a very positive suggestion is offered in today’s message…

Coronavirus house arrest?

22 Mar 2020

Perhaps GK has found a way that even coronavirus can allow us to smile for a short while, but a very positive suggestion is offered in today’s message…

A change of heart or just a change of your options…

21 Mar 2020

GH reminds us of the reversal of the rule regarding organ donation in the UK at the time that the change takes place.

Back pain, financial pain, mental pain…

20 Mar 2020

GA offers two possible alternatives to back pain, the more prominent one being to find something a little more painful to suffer from for a little while, and she offers her findings for other sufferers to watch or react to.  Advertising may have more than one way of helping…

Back pain, financial pain, mental pain…

20 Mar 2020

GA offers two possible alternatives to back pain, the more prominent one being to find something a little more painful to suffer from for a little while, and she offers her findings for other sufferers to watch or react to.  Advertising may have more than one way of helping…

Keeping your hands clean in these uncertain times…

19 Mar 2020

We are all getting worried about the continuing news surrounding the situation we find ourselves in because of the coronavirus and how it is impacting on our world at the moment.  As older people we need to be particularly careful and yet, as the threat continues, so many of the shops around us are running out of the most basic items.  GK offers one solution…

The inter-generational mobile phone.

18 Mar 2020

HC offers us excerpts of a conversation that was shared with a much younger family member and which might give a little insight into the differences in the way outlook affects different generations.

There is more to SAD than just feeling that way…

17 Mar 2020

KB has done some serious research into the benefits of Vitamin D and just how SAD we can become it we don’t get enough at this time of year…

Something positive from America?

16 Mar 2020

LPG applauses CT as one of our readers who surfs the internet and does not let the little nuggets of information found go to waste.  We offer thanks for that and encourage readers to check the facts offered here.

Minimising your ability to be taken for an April Fool.

15 Mar 2020

LPG follows in BH’s footsteps and urges every pensioner to check the expiry date on their freedom pass today and act accordingly…

Where are you found in the personality spectrum?

14 Mar 2020

Perhaps LY spends a lot of time in the doctor’s surgery waiting room but that time is not wasted, LPG for one is very appreciative for the consequences of the googling session and colourful spectrum of facts that can result. 

Where are you found in the personality spectrum?

14 Mar 2020

Perhaps LY spends a lot of time in the doctor’s surgery waiting room but that time is not wasted, LPG for one is very appreciative for the consequences of the googling session and colourful spectrum of facts that can result. 

...just not sweet enough for me – but I am working on it!

13 Mar 2020

BC offers her thoughts to all the sweet-toothed readers who are trying to make 2020 the year that they curb their sugar addictions…

Every picture tells a story (chapter 10) – are Plastic flowers disrespectful?

12 Mar 2020

UB has shared a picture which could be seen in a very negative way but hopes that readers, who were bereaved this time last year and find themselves wondering what to do now, might take something positive from it.  

Your kids, your kids’ kids and your opinion…

11 Mar 2020

Perhaps CK has opened up an issue here that many grandparents battle with, while she discusses the pros and cons of having an influence in our grandchildren’s discipline. 

The potentially positive relationship between becoming a heavy breather and blood pressure…

10 Mar 2020

Perhaps JA has found one answer to reducing stress levels and consequently improving the blood pressure with an additional or alternative approach to the exercise that might help.

A subject that gives us all a bit of a headache at times….

09 Mar 2020

Perhaps KB has a few facts that could help with one of the most common annoyances that have a habit of getting in the way of our daily lives.

Respect to the fairer sex.

08 Mar 2020

There is no doubt that there are many different perceptions of women held by their male counterparts.  Rudy offers us his on this International Women's Day.

Tenants, keep your heads above water…

07 Mar 2020

JW has a little information which might benefit the tenants who add to the number of LPG readers…

Every picture tells a story (chapter 8) – Parking space considerations...

06 Mar 2020

MP has taken note of LPG’s suggestion regarding the value of using the camera on your smart phone, if you have one.  Perhaps this picture may bring home to Lewisham’s drivers the need to park just a little more responsibly. 

Face improvement perhaps?

05 Mar 2020

There are some of us that never cease to be amazed at what can be found on the internet and PF does not disappoint with the discovery offered today.  If you take the advice offered in the message, please let LPG know how you get on so we can convey your findings back to those readers who are interested in comparing results.

Back-up falsies and finance…

04 Mar 2020

TM opens up one of those subjects that is often thought to be embarrassing to talk about and which can affect many younger people, but which more pensioners than any other section of our community will identify with, as the subject of a toothless smile comes to the fore.

Every picture tells a story (chapter 11) - Begging Florida USA style…

03 Mar 2020

Perhaps PY has found a picture that, on first viewing, will provoke any Brit to smile but when we take a look under the surface, even begging can be a complicated affair…

Every picture tells a story (chapter 11) - Begging Florida USA style…

03 Mar 2020

Perhaps PY has found a picture that, on first viewing, will provoke any Brit to smile but when we take a look under the surface, even begging can be a complicated affair…

Step out and step up while you still can…

02 Mar 2020

PY points out the possible reciprocal advantages of just being there for a while…

One year later and I have not practised what I preached…

01 Mar 2020

QK again urges readers who have not yet made a will that there may be an advantage in getting it done this month.

Pope Gregory XIII did try his best, but we are still not leaping perfectly.

29 Feb 2020

It only happens once every four years but AV has prepared us an interesting look at this extra day’s significance…

Every picture tells a story (chapter 9) – London skies can be beautiful too.

28 Feb 2020

There are many different perceptions of what is beautiful and SP may not have captured yours here, but she has offered us yet another reminder of what can be done with a mobile phone’s camera and points out that London has its own unique scenes to offer. 

Self-understanding with a pinch of salt…

27 Feb 2020

No matter how old or young we are, there are times when we are misunderstood or when we misunderstand how people understand us.  SF may have found a way to help us understand ourselves just a little bit better.

A healthier Lent this year.

26 Feb 2020

EB offers some thoughts on short-term vegetarianism.   

Vegan ways to ‘Shrove’ it up on Tuesday

25 Feb 2020

JL acknowledges that pancakes have to keep up with the times and offers LPG readers a few Vegan options…..

Is not having a blue badge making you blue?

24 Feb 2020

YM highlights the fact that it may be worth taking another look at the Blue Badge rules if you feel that you could do with the service but have no chance of qualifying, and points out that there has been a change that might make all the difference. 

Could your cold do with a toddy today?

23 Feb 2020

JW reminds us of a little something that might make a winter cold seem a little better for some….

Don’t get caught on a bus looking like an April fool…

22 Feb 2020

BH is no fool and wants to be sure that no one is caught on April fool’s day with an out-of-date freedom pass…

Don’t waste time regretting what you let get away…

21 Feb 2020

AF shares another motivational message as he looks at a more positive way of evaluating achievements.

Classier, not pricier budgeting…

20 Feb 2020

TG reminds us of one of those little money-saving tips that we letter-writers need to add to our ‘to-do’ list with two weeks to go before yet another budget.

Step up communication in 2020

19 Feb 2020

TS is talking about perhaps one of the most important skills that we need as we go through this life and that is the ability to communicate.  It is something that is learned when we are young, but can we find ourselves at a point where we have forgotten the basics?

A badge collection story.

18 Feb 2020

LPG would like to thank HN for taking the time to be a helpful neighbour and also to tell us her story and how things could have been so much easier…

A little bit of salt; is not always a bad thing...

17 Feb 2020

Perhaps PY has found the one good reason for pouring a little more salt on your dinner, although only a few will benefit…

Long live the Chequebook!

16 Feb 2020

Perhaps GJ has found an anniversary that we older people should continue to acknowledge while she acquaints us with a few facts about using a pen and paper to pay for your purchases.

Britain leaves Europe

15 Feb 2020

PN expresses disappointment when sharing a view on one aspect of the way that Britain left the EU…

Some things should never change just like valentine’s day

14 Feb 2020

Perhaps the information contained in today’s post is up for debate and perhaps not, but there is one thing for sure and that is that FI is suggesting that age has nothing to do with it. 

Heat… but please be careful!

13 Feb 2020

CT offers us an interesting heating DIY project but warns… Don’t try this in your home!


Could you burst into song and produce an accurate version of your National Anthem?

12 Feb 2020

Perhaps GK’s thoughts today question one aspect of patriotism wherever your allegiances lie, or perhaps brings into question the ability of the older person’s singing prowess.

Check the state of your ‘even keel’.

11 Feb 2020

FB takes the time to share a couple of bits of internet information which may help anyone who is worried about their balance today but throws real emphasis on never trying them when alone, just in case…

Check the state of your ‘even keel’.

11 Feb 2020

FB takes the time to share a couple of bits of internet information which may help anyone who is worried about their balance today but throws real emphasis on never trying them when alone, just in case…

Fully charged, overcharged… just how charged should we be?

10 Feb 2020

This research was born out of concern for all those who leave the electric blanket plugged in overnight, which LPG points out is not always the best idea no matter how cold it is.   AH offers concerns about just how electrifying each of us really is and needs to be.  Although LPG suggests that we need not worry too much as we have all managed to make it through a few decades successfully in relative ignorance. 

… and how old are you?

09 Feb 2020

Readers may well think that PY is only talking to the male readers today but he also has a message for all newly retired pensioners that is relevant which ever age or gender is involved. 

British Women are sociable

08 Feb 2020

Rudy takes us on a trip down WWII memory lane and points out that although there are relatively few WWII veterans who are now likely to be able to confirm his thoughts, there will be many readers who will identify when they think of how their parents got together…

Don’t dwell on ‘the me I used to be’…

07 Feb 2020

XX shares an experience that is personal but not unique when he broaches the subject of low self-esteem and Inferiority complexes in a very personal way in the hope that others who feel that they have similar issues start recognising and doing something about it, although you will note that he prefers to remain more anonymous than usual.

Health, the rise and fall…

06 Feb 2020

The list of lost hospitals AM has linked us to has provoked memories which are likely to be shared by many.

Every picture tells a story (chapter 8) – Parking space considerations...

06 Feb 2020

As MP mentioned in this message there is power in pictures as is illustrated by the message and you don’t have to be a driver to make a difference. 

The feel of the key under your finger…

05 Feb 2020

One of the biggest conundrums that anyone is ever going to face will occur when they decide to buy a new computer or lap top. FT suggests one of the features that may make a difference.

Grandma’s Help

04 Feb 2020

Rudy focusses in on the Grandfathers today, as he looks at an accepted cultural behaviour trait and discusses some of the reasons behind how it is arrived at.  

A call for regulation in all countries.

03 Feb 2020

Perhaps GD has a point when saying that things are not perfect in the UK, but they are a lot less perfect in some other countries around the world, while it is also made clear that things will never change without the help of the general public…

What today, the weather and ‘I’ve Got you babe’ have in common…

02 Feb 2020

KB offers us a film that should be an example for many while explaining a custom which originated in Pennsylvania USA…

Dig out your 20s – I bet you have more than you think!

01 Feb 2020

Perhaps UG is offering some advice that is needed in preparation for the newest Banknote turnaround if the statistics are to be believed…

Connect during the anticipation months…

31 Jan 2020

Perhaps TS’s suggestion that we all become a little braver when it comes to not letting the simplest of opportunities pass us by, is one worth thinking about… 

Expecting too much?

30 Jan 2020

Perhaps AF shares a problem that may be hiding somewhere at the back of many older minds, but a philosophy is offered here to deal with any self-disappointment for readers who believe that they share such feelings of underachievement.

Expecting too much?

30 Jan 2020

Perhaps AF shares a problem that may be hiding somewhere at the back of many older minds, but a philosophy is offered here to deal with any self-disappointment for readers who believe that they share such feelings of underachievement.

Nice trip? One way to ensure it is good to be home.

29 Jan 2020

This may be a fundamental point but GS focusses in on a couple of things we can do before going abroad to minimise illness when your return home. 

Don’t be too independent to use a walking stick?

28 Jan 2020

OE suggest one good reason of not being too ready to forgo the use of a walking stick in public…

Do white coats have an effect on you?

28 Jan 2020

Doctors… we have problems getting an appointment and when we finally get our consultation our blood pressure can tell all sorts of fibs.  JA explains…

Ladies, here’s one I made earlier…

26 Jan 2020

UG offers us a view of her multitasking activities and invites readers to remember one of those little details that could be seen everywhere not that long ago….

The Bible; if you have read it, did you understand it all?

25 Jan 2020

BT offers a little insight for those readers of LPG who also read the Bible and points us in the direction of one possible answer to one of the many really big questions that are used to challenge the Christian faith.

Giving back a little driving advice…

24 Jan 2020

Perhaps BH has stumbled on something that will benefit all those LPG readers that also drive and the information offered could well improve the way you sit in general whether you drive, travel by car or sit when you are stationary. 

Visitors from abroad, where do you start?

23 Jan 2020

ML takes us on the virtual journey she experienced while preparing to receive relatives who were on a more literal journey of their own. 

Harry, Meghan and Canada

22 Jan 2020

PN offers a personal view in response to the news of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s decision to step back from official life and leave for Canada.

Judge Rinder got me thinking.

21 Jan 2020

AN reminds us of how important it is to get a written contract for all sorts of arrangements we make no matter how friendly the whole situation starts out…

A day to ‘celebrate’ for all the wrong reasons…

20 Jan 2020

Do you feel as blue as this Monday is supposed to make us all feel? EP helps us celebrate on what has scientifically been proved to be the most depressing day of the year… 

Watch them grow, watch them go!

19 Jan 2020

CP comments on one typical street scene which does not fill those who actually notice with pride.

I like their style

18 Jan 2020

Perhaps Rudy offers a point of view that more pensioners need to consider as they continue to save all the money they have spent a lifetime working for…

New Year’s Honour or Horror?

17 Jan 2020

PN shares the disappointment that all older people might feel when considering the deeds that appear to have led to the service that this newly appointed Knight of the realm has given the nation while offering a little history lesson.

Is your home still your children’s storage facility?

16 Jan 2020

PB takes the time to present a dilemma which many pensioners seem to be afflicted with, although there are few answers offered and a plea for any solutions that readers have to share.

Post Code conundrums…

15 Jan 2020

Most of us don’t really need to find one that often but, when you do, trying to find a post code is one of those things that it can be really frustrating not to know especially when you need to know.    LC offers a little good news for those of us that still prefer to post letters. 

Is this goodbye old friend?

14 Jan 2020

Perhaps NS’s fear at the prospect of having to bin her ‘Windows 7’ laptop prompted this post, but it might help others who have heard about this deadline, to get a better understanding of what it will actually mean. 

Drinking habits – how good are yours?

13 Jan 2020

MJ rethinks some watery advice offered last year and brings us up to speed…

The science behind a night time snuggle…

12 Jan 2020

SW has a message which offers those who find sleep a challenge a new perspective on one of the reasons for the difficulties that some experience and all because of an American holiday…

LPG would like to say a big thank you…

11 Jan 2020

On ‘International Thank You Day’ LPG would like to offer our whole-hearted thanks to everyone who make the production of this website possible.

Ways to keep a little road map little… perhaps?

10 Jan 2020

Perhaps HL sees the spider vein problem from a female point of view, but we all know that solutions work for both genders, so LPG suggests that gentleman readers take the time to take a look too…

Children and Grandchildren (your gifts)

09 Jan 2020

Rudy gives us his man’s view of children and grandchildren and the time they have for their parents as those parents get older.

The electronic thieves...

08 Jan 2020

FS offers a warning for anyone planning a visit which might include a casino experience…

Thinking of thanking someone? Do it on Saturday!

07 Jan 2020

Av finds another international celebration day for us all to think about….

Thunder? Be more worried about the lightning…

06 Jan 2020

Perhaps we don’t have thunderstorms of anywhere near the magnitude of those of the last century but WS reminds us that it is still worth remembering what to do in order to stay safe... just in case…

Epiphany and the ‘take down’?

05 Jan 2020

JN offers a reminder and a short lesson about why the decorations should come down today… or tomorrow?  Either way don’t forget. 

Not again in this lifetime…

04 Jan 2020

Rudy offers thoughts on a subject that can often be difficult to deal with today but shares some positivity.

Every picture tells a story (chapter 7) - My beautiful staircase…

03 Jan 2020

HB proves that the simplest of pictures taken in the most unsuspecting of places can have a profound effect on us for so many reasons.

Retirement; the youngsters need to start planning early.

02 Jan 2020

MT feels that while the government are spending a lot of effort educating youngsters about the importance of being financially prepared for retirement, perhaps a little more emphasis should be spent focussing on other aspects.

Ask more questions…

01 Jan 2020

Perhaps we need to be reminded of the power that not making assumptions can promote in our lives and of the inconvenience and heartache that can be avoided by observing this life principle.

A new kind of new year’s resolution.

31 Dec 2019

YD offers a variation on the theme of New Year’s Resolutions and puts a challenge out to all those who view them as hard work and destined to fail…

A new year’s resolution worth ‘breaking’?

30 Dec 2019

BH offers a little advice on how to break a lifelong relationship with too much sugar…

Make sure you are always contactable whatever happens…

29 Dec 2019

CW makes yet another case for always having your phone or some other communication device within reach and LPG offers information about a fairly new idea for making that possible if you have a smart phone. 

One way to eliminate the rug to carpet falling hazard…

28 Dec 2019

There are many ways to overcome any one problem, and LY has found a new and useful one for those readers who have a ‘curled up edge on your rug’ issue to sort out…

How do you know and what can you do?

27 Dec 2019

Perhaps NU has offered some information which will help you help a friend, or yourself to realise a possible gambling habit.

Wikipedia, are they really strapped for cash?

26 Dec 2019

NS offers some comments on one of the internet resources that is often used by the writers that contribute to our site and askes ‘Do they or do they not need our money?’

Keeping the message brief today…

25 Dec 2019

LPG offers a Christmas message to our readers…

Noise? keep your neighbours up to speed.

24 Dec 2019

DP takes a look at one of those neighbour dispute issues which could be alleviated if preplanning involved keeping everyone in the picture

Christmas; a time for the family-feud cease-fire…

23 Dec 2019

MM makes a rather unconventional Christmas appeal for all those pensioners who have families that don’t always see eye to eye.

Yes, we pensioners can still multitask?

22 Dec 2019

AH reminds us that the young think that they know it all but we still have a skill or two to offer as we get older…

The ‘Three-Diary’ way of life?

21 Dec 2019

DW passes on a tried and tested method of making sure that your day goes without a hitch (or at lease with less hitches than before)

An interesting aspect of making a GP appointment.

20 Dec 2019

Perhaps DP’s experience is not unique.  It is a simple story but begs the question; we know that being a GP has to come with its own set of problems but do our GPs actually know what patients often have to go through just to get an appointment.

Could we ‘fatties’ learn something from following Japan’s lead?

19 Dec 2019

Perhaps FL has found a little information that might just help those of us who are on the larger side to not feel quite so bad about it (if they do), and follow a few hints that might make a positive difference.

Every picture tells a story (chapter 6) - A whole new way of looking at the world...

18 Dec 2019

KA offers us a picture which will be familiar to some but breath-taking to others and explains the circumstances of its capture.

No you haven’t seen it all before... If asked take another look.

17 Dec 2019

MN has used the London Sea Life Aquarium as a back drop to bring this issue to the attention of our less mobile readers but any of the tourist attractions anywhere in the world could have provoked NM’s message today.

Spilt milk – get over it!

16 Dec 2019

Nearly everyone has heard of this proverb but sometimes we forget to remember when it will best be put into practise. 

Unconditional Air however sunny it is outside …

15 Dec 2019

KA passes on one experience of a visit to one of the warmer USA states in order to prepare readers who are preparing for their first visit.

Reach for the ceiling or perhaps the sideboard!

14 Dec 2019

JN offers an idea that might make this Christmas a happier one for a few neighbours….


Movies in Lewisham Borough again…

13 Dec 2019

For all those of us who remember the social aspect of going to the cinema, LPG passes on some encouraging news received from Lewisham Council. 

My aunt, an inspiration.

12 Dec 2019

With some 360,000registered blind and partially sighted people in the UK there have to be quite a few readers who know someone with this disability.  YG tells us a little about someone she knoew who lives with blindness.

Whether just for Christmas or for life: some advice for when things change….

11 Dec 2019

PL has heard the warning that is offered nearly every Christmas, and which is usually amid at all those little ones that think that a dog would make a cool Christmas present, and offers some timely advice for older dog owners who for very different reasons might be put off acquiring a really valuable friend because of the fear of the future…

Older and colder… Avoiding the draught…

10 Dec 2019

JW shares a thought about keeping warm as the cold whether starts to show signs of things to come. 

Avoid double booking… On the wall or in the phone…

09 Dec 2019

Perhaps GG has found the perfect solution or two to a double booking predicament that can sometimes crop up.

Never too old to ‘do your thing’ on the dance floor.

08 Dec 2019

Perhaps GM is a little previous with this thought but then again, it is never too early to get started and why should dance only be a thing we do at Christmas. 

Observation… do you know a Mrs. X or a Mr. Y?

07 Dec 2019

GW focusses on that person who you notice in the background and then usually dismiss; the one that gets mentioned in your social conversation and then forgotten, and highlights a way that we can help.  

Keeping the magic of Christmas.

06 Dec 2019

SC offers an opinion that all grandparents and great-grandparents of younger children might consider reading before the Christmas Shopping starts.  

Practice makes for the Perfect Password…

05 Dec 2019

KT has some information for readers when it comes to dealing with internet security issues. 

Working on the Detox from the outside in.

04 Dec 2019

LPG has repeated this post in the hope that we are on time to give a little scope to your Christmas shopping.  In preparation for that time when it is notoriously difficult to buy a present for those older friends who have already got nearly everything, JL wanted to help readers to cast your minds back and suggests that, if you tried any of these detoxing recipes out in June, now might be the perfect time to prepare an original Christmas present for a friend or two…

Defrost and demist; make sure you can see!

03 Dec 2019

TS is obviously an advocate of the fact that ‘prevention is better than cure’ (an old West Indian adage) and offers some orthodox and unorthodox methods for readers to try in advance of the 2019 big freeze.

Spending time apart can keep you together.

02 Dec 2019

Perhaps NA’s advice is a little late for many readers as the retirement horse has already bolted for those that our posts are aimed at.  But having been there we are in a position to pass this message onto those sons and daughters who are getting to that pre-retirement age zone.

Keeping the message brief today…

02 Dec 2019

LPG offers a Christmas message to our readers…

How tired is your electric blanket?

01 Dec 2019

Perhaps JN offers some timely advice for those who feel the cold and are about to add the electric blankets to their bedclothes for another winter.

So that’s why God invented Cotton Wool!

30 Nov 2019

We know that loneliness is a problem for us elders.  ‘No one visits any more’ is often an observation which is made but FW asks could some of us do a little more to help ourselves?

Really Bagging the Bargains; box verses black.

29 Nov 2019

We have saved HY’s comments for today so that they coincide with Black Friday which is fast becoming the new Boxing Day sales day that was. 

Christmas present shelf life…

28 Nov 2019

Perhaps CS is a bit early with this comment but as Christmas present buying begins to be one of the real dilemmas perhaps this article is worth a read.  


27 Nov 2019

HG offers some information for all the grandparents amongst us which may just make visiting the little ones and their mums a more positive experience…

Older driver; older car; more to pay-

26 Nov 2019

CE gives a view of the council’s way of protecting the ozone and how it will affect the drivers of the borough.

Looking good while seeing well…

25 Nov 2019

FE shares what the internet has to offer on choosing the best optical frames to help you see well and look good.

Christmas… No I don’t Roy!

24 Nov 2019

SC shares his thoughts about the pre-Christmas holiday preparation season.

A children’s lesson that grandparents can help to teach.

23 Nov 2019

GM finds herself so impressed with one aspect of her children’s parenting skills that she would like to pass on the idea. 

Something that we all want?

23 Nov 2019

Perhaps KD is secretly trying to persuade more people to watch a personal favourite movie, but the continued use of that two-word phrase during the film has given rise to a larger set of thoughts which we are asked to share on this World Peace day. 

Co-Codamol and constipation; another solution?

22 Nov 2019

Perhaps PI adds to the comments that were made by CG earlier this year and highlights the side effects of a remedy designed for a completely different problem. 

Some raw facts about Crudivorisme

21 Nov 2019

JW is not sure that the focus of today’s post is for everyone but perhaps a new habit might be an interesting departure and create a fresh, raw subject for our attention.

Older drivers, keep Driving

20 Nov 2019

Perhaps AR has a message for readers who are worrying about getting back in the driving seat after surgery, and is a reader who is very qualified to comment confidently on the subject.    

One race that paper is still winning…

19 Nov 2019

Perhaps SP’s trip down memory lane shows that not everything electronic is best as he discusses the differences between our reading preferences….

Don’t become conspicuous by your absence…

18 Nov 2019

Perhaps OH’s post is one that will register with some of our readers as the realisation because they need a personal reminder, or because they can see a message that needs to be passed on to someone that they know.

Mortals like me

17 Nov 2019

Rudy offers an opinion on the very emotive subject of euthanasia.

Grandparents it was too late for last Christmas… but this year.

16 Nov 2019

NG offers an idea for all Grandparents who want to do something really special for their little ones this Christmas and although we shared it last year we are honouring our promise to give sufficient warning so that those who want to can make it a reality for this year. 

With WWII still in mind…

15 Nov 2019

Taking into consideration the time of year we have reached, we thought that this information might be appropriate and offer some added interest to next year’s holiday destinations for some of our readers.  So, although we have not been able to reconnect with the person who sent us the link, LPG has taken the decision to post an email we received and the link to a website that may offer some interesting reading for those who have an interest in WWII related online material.  

You can fool others (but not yourselves)

14 Nov 2019

Rudy offers his thoughts on a subject that has to affect a large proportion of pensioners, particularly those who live alone…

Drones – the ups and downs….

13 Nov 2019

IB introduces us to a potential hobby that has managed to build itself a bit of a negative reputation but offers a favourable report of first contact.

Drones – the ups and downs….

13 Nov 2019

IB introduces us to a potential hobby that has managed to build itself a bit of a negative reputation but offers a favourable report of first contact.

Handbags at dawn and dusk…

12 Nov 2019

Perhaps SY is typical of the vast majority of his sexual gender or maybe it is that women are a species apart at all stages and ages of life.  Share your opinion whatever your reasons.

How quickly some of us forget again.

11 Nov 2019

OV again offers something for us to think about one year on….

The sensory organs of the inanimate objects around us.

10 Nov 2019

It is so simple to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and, once said, we cannot take our words back.  RB reminds us of one instance where perhaps loose words should be avoided.

Go in fighting, or give up; there is an alternative…

09 Nov 2019

CP, has found a much misquoted statement to make todays point.

Saving up for Next Christmas

08 Nov 2019

As promised LPG has posted an article which originally went out at a time which may have fired a few imaginations with self-made promises of action later.  Perhaps now is the time to get your Christmas club started in time for the big day in 2021…

Finding yourself in Airplane mode when you are close to the ground…

07 Nov 2019

PL answers a question that may affect you if you have a smart or iPhone in spite of the fact that you have never set foot on a plane. 

Show your appreciation and subscribe…

06 Nov 2019

LPG has done its best to supply a very simple answer to a relatively complicated question today and hopes it might dispel any fears that internet surfers may have about showing their support for you tube…

My attempt to inspire positivity…

05 Nov 2019

JD knows that one contributing factor when it comes to depression is the loss of freedom that the evenings afford us as we approach winter

Whose mobile phone is it anyway?

04 Nov 2019

OK tells a little story which helps her to make a point which is so logical that we often forget, although having read her story I think that she won’t.

The annoying sound of commerce.

03 Nov 2019

Perhaps it is a sound that we are all used to by now and although it annoys FW, we at LPG are grateful that the upset was not so bad that she decided not to send us this offering…

Keep connected one way or the other!

02 Nov 2019

IA sends us a message which focusses on the need for friendship as we get older, and ways of keeping in touch when getting out of the house becomes difficult.

What really makes you you?

01 Nov 2019

CM has chosen one of the most searching questions that there is to be broached for today’s post and, although there is no indication that the answer is offered here, there are some online pointers to be considered.

A West Indian thought with a Halloween flavour…

31 Oct 2019

Rudy questions a very West Indian perception of Ghosts and Ghouls this Halloween.

A little trip down quiz memory lane…

30 Oct 2019

CL brings us a thought or two which will take you back to days gone by…

If you don’t check no one else will…

29 Oct 2019

Perhaps RW is reminding readers of a principle that many of us just don’t really bother with any more but that we would benefit from revisiting as a regular activity.

Halloween one year on

28 Oct 2019

We have kept this article on hold for just under a year as WS requested and found the premise under which it was written to be an interesting one.  LPG would love to find out what thoughts it has provoked after its year in waiting.

Phone a friend

27 Oct 2019

As PC suggested a lot earlier this year, when we first posted this message, we are reminding readers of the value of having a friend to phone regularly now that the days are getting shorter again

Opposing elements – same outcome?

26 Oct 2019

Perhaps some readers have already learned about this alternative way of dealing with unwanted yet personal documents that we collect but LY offers the facts again for any reader who is interested. 

The opening…

25 Oct 2019

Perhaps LS should not give the government any new ideas but today’s message spotlights a little problem that will need to be addressed in the relatively near future. 

Having the older finger on the button.

24 Oct 2019

Perhaps TK’s preoccupation with statistics will help to acquaint LPG readers of the trend towards how we elders are managing when it comes to finding our way around the world wide web, without our having to plod through the details…

Keep making the effort…

23 Oct 2019

Perhaps MA’s message today might spur a few of our readers on when they may be flagging in the middle of a project or feeling a little downhearted and unable to begin …. 

The merits of hanging your head…

22 Oct 2019

Perhaps BH has found the answer to some neck pain issues, although it may be more of an answer for the younger and fitter pensioner….

Lewisham council’s hidden gift.

21 Oct 2019

MB asks questions about a free gift that Lewisham council are offering its parking permit holders, if you can find the relevant information in the relative depths of their websites online small-print…

The cost of the air that we breathe…

20 Oct 2019

Perhaps SL does not have the strongest sense of smell, but a keen sense of how others perceive the smell when they arrive for a home visit has produced some interesting findings for LPG readers today.

My ‘good and bad list’ and my need to Keep Striving!

19 Oct 2019

OH takes the time to offer a personal look at the importance of life focus today from the perspective of the pensioner. 

Getting all four corners together…

18 Oct 2019

LY shares a secret which will allow us older homemakers to replace a duvet cover with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.  

I heard about it and then I heard it!

17 Oct 2019

LT tells of how she temporarily became one of the 10% of the nation to have experienced tinnitus and its effects.

The ‘Sting Jet’ that had no name…

16 Oct 2019

BJ reminds us of a day in history that came as a surprise because we were officially put off the scent  and askes do you remember what you were doing that day?

Audio Description – not only for the blind.

15 Oct 2019

CL knows that the AD button was designed to help blind television viewers to be clear about what is going on when they are watching their favourite programs but has found another use for this feature of our modern television sets.

Electric blankets; a good or bad thing?

14 Oct 2019

BL was good enough to send us this post to us last year but we have decided to repeat it in the hope that it will be read before those electric blankets are taken out of storage in preparation for this year’s winter.

The front-garden take-over.

13 Oct 2019

NP offers us one perception of the way that our London streets are changing.

The busy/boredom balance…

12 Oct 2019

KB finds us some more information on the negative subject of the mind-state; a subject that has become the focus of quite a lot of research and that perhaps this message could influence how you see yours…

Owed to not backing down, thanks CP and well done mum!

11 Oct 2019

This is the second part of a story that IC promised when the first part was sent to us and, perhaps it might give other motorists who are challenged the inspiration to stand their ground…

Warm heart… and do you have the other problem too?

10 Oct 2019

Even in the warmest of weather some older people suffer from cold hands- warm heart as they say but perhaps KR has found a few ways to get your heart working a little more efficiently so that your hands benefit. 

Upright gone a bit wrong.

09 Oct 2019

HW offers some solutions to something that can happen so gradually that you don’t even realise and shares some interesting exercises and other advice on the subject of dealing with the hunched shoulders effect. 

New technology and older people

08 Oct 2019

Perhaps HH has no answers but, with security in mind today’s offering focusses on one of those questions that is lurking at the back of many a mind as we, and the relatives that we care for, get a bit older. 

Is that everything?

07 Oct 2019

GS offers readers the benefit of the learning curve that preparing a holiday has offered and hopes that the things learned along the way may be helpful to fellow readers traveling the same path.

Happy Grandparent’s day…

06 Oct 2019

CMC reminds us of an eight-year-old’s perception of grandparents’ on Grandparents day.

Our day and most of us don’t even know it.

05 Oct 2019

IB reminds some but introduces more to an annual day which has been selected to honour the Grandparents among us. 

Keeping them out rather than killing them when they are in…

04 Oct 2019

It is a bit late in the year now because the really hot summer of 2019 is coming to an end, but while the heat and small annoying flying things are fresh in our memories LPG has posted GD’s thought with the promise that we will repeat this gem of information next June so that readers who feel inclined can prepare and try this deterrent.  

Ode to National Poetry Day…

03 Oct 2019

indulgence while celebrating National Poetry Day with this offering… We would also take the time to remind readers that we are always looking for all contributions for our pages….

Setting people and poetry free…

02 Oct 2019

Rudy takes the time to explore some of the rules surrounding the accepted laws of poetry on this, the eve of National Poetry Day and offers us a conscience-jogging contribution of his own.  We would also take the time to remind readers that we are always looking for all contributions for our pages….

Cold lonely-night remedies…

01 Oct 2019

LPG would like to thank XX for this insight into a subject that may be thought a little personal for our website.  As personal as it is, LPG has no doubt that many others are affected by similar circumstances and may now feel able more to share similar thoughts.   LPG continues to aim to pass on any information that other readers may be able to identify with and which may improve another reader’s outlook on life.  XX sent us this post at the end of last winter but, as it begins to get a little colder again in the evenings, LPG thought it appropriate to post it again. 

The laying down of a little online gauntlet…

30 Sep 2019

MA, challenges todays readers to test their skill when it comes to displaying the attribute of observing attention to detail with two short online quizzes.  

The laying down of a little online gauntlet…

30 Sep 2019

MA, challenges today's readers to test their skill when it comes to displaying the attribute of observing attention to detail with two short online quizzes.  

Sorting the lies form the truth…

29 Sep 2019

RB tenders another aspect of ‘the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ question that PM offered us earlier this month. 

Mensa and me…

28 Sep 2019

Perhaps NS is throwing down the gauntlet with this challenge….

How do you know if it is happening to you?

27 Sep 2019

EP is talking about one of the issues that register with pensioners for many reasons and offers a theory that recognition of depression in its early stages can only be a positive way forward for all pensioners.  

Has Christmas got anything to do with your birthday?

26 Sep 2019

Perhaps this was not the case when we were young, but AV has discovered some information which may be of interest to those older relatives as they continue to work out what to buy the younger members of the family for a birthday treat. 

This gives ‘keeping your nose clean’ a whole new meaning!

25 Sep 2019

AB may have found a way to reduce the number of tissues and handkerchiefs used in Lewisham, and throughout the world, during the winter of 2019 if some of the, so far uninitiated, take up this suggestion.   

Good news carried for us and for the environment.

24 Sep 2019

MR points out that the message bought to us today may bring a fact that many readers already know, but hopes that a few more will learn through today’s message. 

Fish, horses and computers...

23 Sep 2019

RL reinforces the notion that any opportunity to learn a little about using a computer, even to do the most basic of things, can only be a good thing no matter how old you are.    

It could be worth checking.

22 Sep 2019

DC reminds us that there are ways of starting the process of checking that you are not missing out on any benefits you may be entitled to without giving away all your financial secrets at the first hurdle.

A bit of cold weather advice

21 Sep 2019

We know that 2018 produced a relatively mild winter, but all winters always bring the need to use a lot of energy to keep warm and the worry is always how and if we will be able to cover the cost.  SL shares some information worth reading on this subject.

Use the sensory help around you….

20 Sep 2019

Rudy Morgan makes a comment that may register with some LPG readers and perhaps reminds us that we are so lucky to have these perception aids to hand as we get older.

Spotting the signs…

19 Sep 2019

BB highlights the issue of modern slavery; something that perhaps we could be seeing but not actually noticing while it happens in the street where we live.

Give them the money not your bank account details.

18 Sep 2019

Perhaps CDC reminds us of the power of the postal order; the perfect solution for all those would be charity givers who would rather give a one off payment and avoid the usual consequences…

Knitters – exercise your Carpal Tunnels

17 Sep 2019

VH offers some advice for those who use their fingers a lot, in her case to knit, but offers some exercises that may help with any pain that knitting, and similar finger generated activities may cause…

Ways of pleading ignorance with an air of knowledgeability

16 Sep 2019

EW has found a couple of alternative ways to say the words, ‘I don’t know’ when the necessity arises. 

Making breakfast a meal worth eating….

15 Sep 2019

Perhaps MH has hit upon a solution that might help if you are reluctant to get up in the mornings now that retirement has stopped dictating what time you should rise….

Sugar, milk and what kind of tea?

14 Sep 2019

GW draws our focus to one aspect of England’s national heritage with a look at that most cherished beverage tea. 

Exercise for the brain.

13 Sep 2019

JN has found another reason to become a musician, and reminds us that there are more motives to playing an instrument than being really good at it. 

Taking pictures – where do you stand?

12 Sep 2019

There has always been quite a bit of controversy over this issue but SP has found some information which explains the issue of taking pictures legally in the UK.  

Getting to sleep in the first place…

11 Sep 2019

HJ has researched some interesting online suggestions for ways of getting off to sleep quickly in the hope that, though the internet is renowned for focussing on those younger than us there may be a solution or two worth trying if you find yourself with this problem.

Finding the right qwerty key when you need it…

10 Sep 2019

LC finds the solution to a commonly frustrating problem for those of us who are older new computer users, and offers a possible solution.  

Leaves on the line – a whole new meaning…

09 Sep 2019

Perhaps ND’s observation can save some other unsuspecting driver the trouble of this inconvenience. 

The value of the change in your pocket.

08 Sep 2019

Perhaps GJ is telling readers something they already know today but it is never a bad thing to be reminded; especially when it comes to money.

A salutation to ‘the’

07 Sep 2019

Perhaps readers will think that WA has found a really trivial subject for today’s post, but can you imagine the English speaking conversations of the world without  the word that had provoked this bit of trivia?

Thinking in shades of colour blind awareness today.

06 Sep 2019

VI focusses in on a condition which affects quite a few of us on the day which has been set aside to heighten awareness.   

Being glad is good for you.

05 Sep 2019

OH reminds us of a film that is so good that it has been made and remade and offers some advice on adapting it to make ourselves feel more positive. 

Are your pants on fire?

04 Sep 2019

Perhaps the truth is that PM’s offering today will tell you a little more about yourself than you really need to know but it will be entertaining to find out.

Going away; a bit more to pay!

03 Sep 2019

CT focusses on all the would-be British holiday makers out there in internet land and points out something that may have missed your attention.

Turmeric without curry

02 Sep 2019

The offering submitted today is designed to make taking turmeric more pleasant for those who want to see and appreciate the benefits it may bring them even if they don’t enjoy curry. 

LPG; message to our readers

01 Sep 2019

LPG offer a little advice about one of the features often included in their daily posts; Hyperlinks. 

Your name; a lot to live up to?

31 Aug 2019

CJ notes that most readers of the LPG website will have lived long enough to have attained a well-shaped character by now, and challenges us to learn if our parents were able to see into the future and name us aptly. 

A written contract makes things so much easier…

30 Aug 2019

IH is working with the notion that prevention is better than cure and while there are many reasons for needing to rid yourself of houseguests of any kind, perhaps a contract at the beginning of such a visit is worth thinking about. 

Do you know what can happen when you dial ‘*#06#’ with your mobile phone?

29 Aug 2019

Perhaps todays offering contains information which is worth knowing if you are buying a second hand mobile phone for any reason.  But CP offers some advice worth the attention of anyone who owns a mobile phone.  

Every picture tells a story (chapter 5) – picture while you pack

28 Aug 2019

PY has some advice for all holiday makers who read the LPG and have a smart phone or camcorder.

The pictures that you take on holiday are important but the odd one you take before you leave can be of value too.

Minimise your morning raspiness…

27 Aug 2019

SY passes on some answers to a shared problem experienced by both young and old, with an offering of how we can deal with our ‘first thing in the morning raspiness’ of voice.

It is never too late to learn…

26 Aug 2019

KW opens our eyes to just how much learning is freely available online.

Free - obligation or not?

25 Aug 2019

AN makes a valid point on the subject of committing to free online or telephone trials and suggests that a free trial where the consumer needs to give bank account details before being offered the freebie needs to be thought about before you take it on. 

Automobiles all over the place…

23 Aug 2019

Perhaps LR appeals to those with a mathematical eye as she discusses the amount of cars on our roads these days.

A code for the friends of the elders among us.

22 Aug 2019

CJ offers a poem today but LPG thought it worth featuring and can understand why CJ wanted us younger oldies to appreciate it once more if you have already heard it before, or for the first time if not. 

Minimising that gap…

21 Aug 2019

GE gives one answer to the question posted by IC of Lewisham who wanted to find out the secret of minimising the gap between when you wake up and when you actually get up. 

Take one last look just in case

19 Aug 2019

KE has done a bit of PPI research and gives a version of the findings here but most important of all, todays post serves to remind readers that there are just 10 days left to start a claim. 

Painkiller with a kick…

18 Aug 2019

Here at LPG, we try our best to be diverse and we have come to a consensus about the diverseness of this offering from GM which we hope will have a similar effect on other readers if they ever visit the Virgin Islands or try the recipe for themselves. 

First impressions – keep an open mind…

17 Aug 2019

Perhaps AK has hit upon a very important bit of advice on the subject of forming first impressions of the people we meet.

Follow your lifelong dreams…

16 Aug 2019

For all the really frightening things that are going on in the world around us there is one thing that, in the UK, we cannot dispute, and that is the opportunities we have to achieve our goals no matter how old we are or when we embark on them.  OH reminds us of this fact.

Perseverance is easier if you have someone to work with…

15 Aug 2019

JH is talking about landlord/tenant issues today, and offers a couple of suggestions with regard to getting them settled.

Cleaning up with swifter obsolescence

14 Aug 2019

Perhaps PB gives us a subtle warning here but disguises it with an interesting focus on vacuum cleaners.

Sugar, milk and what kind of tea?

14 Aug 2019

Not only is today’s topic of discussion one of the most beloved national aspects of our culture, it is very dear to the older Englander.  GW looks at tea with added focus. 

To the 10% born on the other side… Happy International Lefthanders' day

13 Aug 2019

GB sympathises with all those older left handers who were forced to work at using their right hands when they were young, and comments on how things have changed for them on the celebratory day which recognises their existence.

Always check your disconnect…

12 Aug 2019

Perhaps WT is offering some advice for the more technically minded today but the fundamental message of being careful of making sure that you use your mobile phone to send only the information that you intend to send is an important one…

Romford… A reader’s appeal..

11 Aug 2019

PG is hoping that there might just be someone in our borough who would rather live 28 and a half miles away in Romford. 

Parking fine? Not without a fight this time!

10 Aug 2019

IC invites drivers of any age, who read LPG’s pages, and have been unjustly accused of parking offences, to join in the fight to stop our Councils from capitalising on the parking issues that make for easy financial pickings.

Lost cat – chipped cat…

09 Aug 2019

It is always in the back of a pet owners mind that, pedigree or otherwise, their pet could be stolen or lost so the information that IG offers today needs to be noted just in case…

For those of us with bad backs…

08 Aug 2019

Perhaps OE has found something that fellow back sufferers have not tried. 

See if you can spread this infection…

07 Aug 2019

VH offers a message which could help us all to trick ourselves into being happier and, in the process, make the world a slightly ‘smilier’, happier place…

Where or When Did Things Go Wrong

06 Aug 2019

Rudy gives us his perspective on the subject of today’s code of parenting practices.  Do his opinions reflect those of all West Indians when it comes to their thoughts about children and discipline?

Couples… make time to concentrate on you!

05 Aug 2019

Perhaps SY has found a way that we can offer a little advice to the younger couples in our extended families.   

0871 v 01, 02 and 03…

04 Aug 2019

If you still make catalogue orders via the telephone JF offers a possible way of finding a corresponding geographical telephone number which could enable you to do so at a fraction of the cost… 

The significance of numbers …

03 Aug 2019

OH looks at life with number tinted glasses today and acquaints us with the view

The power of the online rating…

02 Aug 2019

OS offers us some serious evidence that proves just how much power the online shopper has whatever their age.

A personal project idea…

01 Aug 2019

Perhaps WB has found the perfect project for some of our LPG readers who feel that they are missing a project.  We would remind them that the odd excerpt from such a book could make an interesting post to add to our pages. 

Successful getting up solutions?

31 Jul 2019


Perhaps IC is asking questions here that there are many answers to. We all know that sleeping is vital to our existence  and the problems that lack of it, or indeed to much of it, keep throwing our way  continue after the need to be up at a certain time each morning, but at the same time, there appears to be no one generic fix for all.  If you have found a solution which works for you please let us know.

Bad back rising…

30 Jul 2019

CP offers some more ideas that might be of help for back sufferers…

Military veterans may do well to pick up the phone…

29 Jul 2019

LPG would like to thank CP for spotting this little article.  We know that many of the people who may be missing out on this benefit will be in their eighties and have children who are now young pensioners with a little time to make such enquiries for them.

Give it a couple of minutes….

28 Jul 2019

Perhaps IP and friends have come up with an idea that will solve an age old problem which we older citizens experience without actually realising when it comes to making and receiving telephone calls.

The advice/directive balance.

27 Jul 2019

Do they take over while you are not looking?  In today’s post TH reminds older parents not to let the children completely take over their lives….

Legacy? Please think beyond your will.

26 Jul 2019

Perhaps BJ has found something to motivate readers here and we cannot wait to find out what LPG readers, will do to inspire the rest of the world. 

If nothing else we look forward to receiving many more inspirational messages from our LPG readers and hope that BJ’s words might turn a few more into writers and contributors.  

Young backache; I blame technology?

25 Jul 2019

Backache; a symptom of older age that we are forced to live with but for those who suffer when they are young there are many viewpoints on the whys and wherefores.  KC offers one…

In these days of suspicion

24 Jul 2019

TF focusses in on a text that may seem suspicious but is nothing to worry about this time and highlights a few issues surrounding our electricity supply.

The cost of a call from my home phone…

23 Jul 2019

JF was good enough to ask the question which prompted us to do a little research into this minefield of a subject.   We at LPG hope that our findings help any reader who is trying to work out what it is going to cost to dial a number you are not sure about.

14 days to ‘Cool Off’ properly!

22 Jul 2019

WM reminds us that if you said ‘yes’ or clicked the ‘yes’ button and then changed your mind there are a few things that you can do if you act fast.

How do you rate on the happiness scale?

21 Jul 2019

AH challenges you to complete at least one online test in order to get a rough idea of your level of happiness. 

Back to the back issue

20 Jul 2019

YL makes it clear that there is no one fix for any back issue but share some advice which may be the answer for a few LPG readers

Another reason to get the mobile out and take a picture.

19 Jul 2019

The first thing that KF’s message has to offer today is a reminder that it would not be a bad idea to see of your passport is up to date. If you discover that it is not, it offers some pertinent advice…

Are your Passwords so secure that even you can’t remember them?

18 Jul 2019

Perhaps XX has come up with a solution to a problem that many of us older computer savvy readers have here.  Passwords, or at least remembering them is quite a task and in the light of the tips given. We have kept XX’s initials even more anonymous than usual.

If you think you might be disabled, you should register.

17 Jul 2019

Perhaps you have become disabled recently or know someone who might benefit by registering.  PN offers a few of the advantages of officially letting others know.

One way of finding inner peace…

16 Jul 2019

OC, with the help of his friend, has left us some food for thought today on the subject of mindfulness; although this is a theory the perfection of which will take some time to achieve.

A little bit of basking is not a bad thing…

15 Jul 2019

Perhaps moderation is the watch word in all things.  DH offers some evidence to back this theory up when it comes to our relationship with the sun.

Create... but don’t forget to update!

14 Jul 2019

CS’s post today provokes a few very pertinent questions that we should all be asking ourselves; especially as we get older. Have you made one?  When last did you check the details?

Whatever happened to price advice with ‘NO obligation’?

13 Jul 2019

This subject has been the focus of much misery over the years and VM’s experience shows us yet another aspect of how vigilant we need to be. 

Food hygiene standards in the 1930s

12 Jul 2019

Perhaps the story that JC has uncovered has made us all wonder about some of the foods that we ate back in those days, although we all managed to survive in spite of the lack of food hygiene laws that we live by now.

Magnets and hard water…

11 Jul 2019

GD has a little more to say about the state of our water and answers the question of how you can tell what sort of water you have.

Food for the body, soul and mind

10 Jul 2019

Perhaps EP is saying it again, but for the not yet converted the benefits of physical exercise on the brain is worth reminding our readers about.

TV Licence concessions; something else to be taken away from pensioners?

09 Jul 2019

The news is not quite so fresh now but will we, the pensioners, do what we usually do and accept another directive that unswervingly affects our finances; this time by taking back the TV license concession that they gave us 20 years ago?

Embarrassing, smelly, inconvenient, sometimes painful …

08 Jul 2019

While it is a subject that few talk about, perhaps this particular bodily function is one that has caused personal inconvenience to many more people than will admit to it.  XX broaches the subject of flatulence.

Statistics can drive us crazy if we let them.

07 Jul 2019

ND takes another look at when it is time to make the decision to give up driving.  

Oh, the price of knowledge…

06 Jul 2019

LPG is happy to share JB’s thoughts on knowledge, the price we have paid over the years and offers one point of view.

Every picture tells a story (chapter 5)

05 Jul 2019

HW has again offered us an image of a Lewisham street and points out that the streets of Lewisham as the sun rises on a good day can be quite special.

Whether here or there – Happy Fourth of July

04 Jul 2019

HG has offered us a way to commemorate one of the more well-known national holidays and even though it is not ours, we are invited to offer our best wishes to those who it will touch.

Where is the manual when you need it?

03 Jul 2019

LC has a very relevant message for anyone who has found a need to consult the instruction manual of anything that they bought so far back in the past that they discover the loss of the paperwork when they need it most.

Remembering the buses - back in the day – chapter 2

02 Jul 2019

JB shares another story about the experiences of being a bus driver back in the 20th century.

Alarming Statistics – what can we do…

01 Jul 2019

JC appeals to the grandparents to do their part to minimise the crime statistics by appealing to our younger family members when the opportunity arises.

Are implants the way to go…

30 Jun 2019

They are not cheap but if they are suitable for you and you can afford them they are likely to really last and minimise all those dental visits.  

Every picture tells a story (chapter 3)

29 Jun 2019

AR has found an aspect of the borough of Lewisham which is available to all and one that many who travel Drakefell Road in Brockley are likely to have seen but not really noticed…

Is there any point in the requested notes?

28 Jun 2019

Perhaps this is an issue for readers to pass on to their younger family members. RM has found an issue that has affected other GP patients here and suggests a few ways to deal with it.