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Dozy days and sleepless nights…

01 Jun 2020

AV gives us a little food for thought which was inspired by one of the many sleepless nights that countless pensioners must be finding themselves experiencing…

Girls of a certain age, do you remember?

29 May 2020

RP’s memory of her childhood may well have triggered a few memories of your own which we at LPG would love to hear about…

Have all the models rolled away?

26 May 2020

Could it be that one of the many subjects we older people discuss when putting the world to rights is the predicament of the youth of today.  Rudy has a few thoughts and lays them out before us today as he adds a challenge for those grandfathers amongst us…

Keep loving them, but remember to keep your distance…

23 May 2020

PK takes another look at our present predicament for the pet owners amongst us…

Foot freedom and feeling the floor.

20 May 2020

Perhaps this is something that you used to do when you were younger.  AH advocates having another go but checking your ability to do so safely

No Egghead or Chaser…

17 May 2020

Rudy is inspired to write about televisions game show celebrities today…  

A special message for nappers on World Sleep Day.

13 May 2020

As promised HJ offers readers the answer to that all important ‘napping ‘question posted yesterday having consulted the experts. 

My storage problem risen to new heights…

10 May 2020

Getting up ladders as you get older can be a risky business but with a little help, both mechanical and practical, can your attic be a way forward when it comes to storing those really important things that you just can’t throw away? AJ explains.

May Day on Friday?

08 May 2020

TK puts two unlikely subjects together today as she focusses in on VE and bank holidays.

A celebratory week that is likely to be hard to observe this year…

04 May 2020

PM finds one of those National celebrations that, even if we have heard of it before, we are particularly likely to have trouble celebrating this year…

Something to do with the help of your window or back door

02 May 2020

NE offers the change to acknowledge one of those national celebratory days that can be designated as ‘niche’ but that may be heard a little more readily this year.  She offers us an introduction to National Dawn Chorus Day…

One way of keeping up to date during lock down

29 Apr 2020

Losing that sense of time, for many retired people could be a problem that they are facing for the second time as we all continue to self-isolate. NI offers one possible solution to help us get back on track…

Self-isolation; a friendship changer…

26 Apr 2020

Friendships change, as OK observes, but will self-isolation make that big a difference to how we perceive our friendship groups when we can all get together again?

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off….

23 Apr 2020

LPG appreciates the many messages of hope and positivity that our readers are sending at the moment, and welcomes all the hope and motivation that contributors have to share…

According to the Chinese, ‘hanging by the neck’ won’t necessarily kill you…

20 Apr 2020

KR’s message today gives a whole new meaning to the idea of hanging yourself…

In honour of the real Statistics …

17 Apr 2020

FB offers readers the chance to remember those friends and neighbours who have become statistics of coronavirus and all that it has brought to the world with it…. 

10 Kilos! Please don’t all return!

14 Apr 2020

Perhaps there are lessons to be learnt from our present world predicament.   GW offers one today… 

Keeping the neighbours guessing…

11 Apr 2020

YF reminds us that while, making sure that all the aspects of the holiday are sorted before we go away, doing your best to make sure that what you are leaving will still be there when you come back is important too.

Keeping your visits real…

08 Apr 2020

There are so many shades of experience that can be taken from care home visits and, not knowing what the future holds for anyone, could well find readers who have, so far, never had a reason to have ever have been, let alone be a frequent visitor, a little foresight in case it is needed in future. 

Pensioners and time; opposing points of view…

05 Apr 2020

EW offers us thoughts on the value of time, real and virtual, when offering today’s message…

Successes, regrets, two vid’s and too kids…

02 Apr 2020

WB has a message to offer the old and the young, wherever you see yourself on that scale, and suggests that there may be some value in passing your findings on to the generations around you…

Sleeping while sitting all night – one reason why it is not a good idea

27 Mar 2020

IB offers us the benefit of research done on the subject of how to deal with and relieve swollen feet and ankles. 

Potentially sorting out one pain in the neck…

24 Mar 2020

Perhaps OP will not get the result she is searching for but the natural neck repair tools that she has researched might also work for some of those LPG readers who secretly, or otherwise, have a similar anxiety. 

A change of heart or just a change of your options…

21 Mar 2020

GH urges us to read the new rules and make any personal but necessary changes as organ donation rule-reversal kicks in.

The inter-generational mobile phone.

18 Mar 2020

HC found that a chat with a younger person offered some lessons that could be learned by each of the conversation’s participants, and wonders if any of our LPG readers have anything to add… 

Minimising your ability to be taken for an April Fool.

15 Mar 2020

When it comes to Freedom passes we only ever see them when we touch the oyster reader on the way to somewhere, but have you checked the expiry date recently? 

Every picture tells a story (chapter 10) – are Plastic flowers disrespectful?

12 Mar 2020

Perhaps this is not an article for everyone, but UB offers some advice for those who are wondering about the practicalities of what to do a year on from a family bereavement.

Every picture tells a story (chapter 8) – Parking space considerations...

06 Mar 2020

As MP mentioned in this message there is power in pictures as is illustrated by the message and you don’t have to be a driver to make a difference. 

Tenants, keep your heads above water…

06 Mar 2020

JW has learned a little about water bills that have been passed from landlord to tenant…

Every picture tells a story (chapter 11) - Begging Florida USA style…

03 Mar 2020

Perhaps the need for some to beg is universal, but PY offers us a new slant on what people need to beg for. 

Pope Gregory XIII did try his best, but we are still not leaping perfectly.

29 Feb 2020

AV adds an interesting perspective as we take our 4-yearly leap into this very significant day…

Vegan ways to ‘Shrove’ it up on Tuesday

25 Feb 2020

Pancakes are supposed to be a way of using up all your store-cupboard items that you will be giving up before the 40 days and nights of lent, but JL offers some alternative notions on the subject…

Could your cold do with a toddy today?

23 Feb 2020

LPG would like to remind readers that this is perhaps not the best daily medicinal solution for a cold or ‘flu but it might help a little, if taken occasionally.

Classier, not pricier budgeting…

20 Feb 2020

There is nothing new in TG’s post today but the timely reminder may well help less LPG readers to be amongst those that will remember this money-saving tip after the event, and promise to do better next year… 

A little bit of salt; is not always a bad thing...

17 Feb 2020

PY offers us a little research on the less common condition of Hypotension…

Britain leaves Europe

15 Feb 2020

Whatever your views on the ‘whys’ and ‘ifs’ surrounding Britain’s leaving Europe PN focusses on the ‘how’ aspect today…

Check the state of your ‘even keel’.

11 Feb 2020

It is common knowledge that maintaining an even keel gets harder as we get older and the ability to do so is a gradual process.  With this in mind FB has shared some information which might help readers to take stock of where ours stands. 

British Women are sociable

08 Feb 2020

Rudy comments on the forwardness of young ladies who were brought up in 20th century England as opposed to those brought up in other parts of the world….

The feel of the key under your finger…

05 Feb 2020

Perhaps not every older computer user is a touch typist but many are likely to know exactly what FT is talking about in this message…

What today, the weather and ‘I’ve Got you babe’ have in common…

02 Feb 2020

KB shares a message inspired by today’s date and outlines a life lesson that it is never too late to learn.

Expecting too much?

30 Jan 2020

Perhaps for those who can identify with AF’s situation this post will help.  The video may help to clarify a few notions while it is sometimes good to remember that such feelings of self-disappointment are not as unique as you might think.


Do white coats have an effect on you?

27 Jan 2020

JA introduces us to ‘White Coat Syndrome’ and shares how we can tell if we suffer and a few things that we can do about it….

Giving back a little driving advice…

24 Jan 2020

BH offers us the opportunity to focus on one aspect of an ailment which, regardless of if it has yet become a problem, or if we feel the need to minimise the inevitable in the future, it may be worth taking note of.

Judge Rinder got me thinking.

21 Jan 2020

Perhaps AN has dedicated this morning’s message to an issue that we all are too aware of but, as is mentioned in the post, it is never a bad thing to be reminded of the importance of ‘getting it in writing’…

I like their style

18 Jan 2020

Perhaps Rudy offers a point of view that more pensioners need to consider as they continue to save all the money they have spent a lifetime working for…

Post Code conundrums…

15 Jan 2020

Are you always an emailer or do you write the odd letter from time to time? LC offers us a little gem of information for those who still use the post box at the end of the street…

The science behind a night time snuggle…

12 Jan 2020

On first reading this message appears to be offering advice for those of us who have been, or will be, fortunate enough to visit the USA in the near future, but its moral has a much deeper message to offer than that for the insomniacs amongst us… 

Children and Grandchildren (your gifts)

09 Jan 2020

Perhaps being a parent or grandparent has differing effects on us as we get older, but Rudy offers us a personal reality of the situation…

Thunder? Be more worried about the lightning…

06 Jan 2020

Youngsters who live in London have no idea about what a real thunderstorm used to be like, but just in case we are surprised in the near future WS reminds us of the things we really should not do… 

Every picture tells a story (chapter 7) - My beautiful staircase…

03 Jan 2020

Perhaps HB’s picture tells a story which appears completely unrelated at first glance. 

A new kind of new year’s resolution.

31 Dec 2019

Perhaps the ultimate New Year’s resolution can be summed up with this task which is thrown down to all readers… as YD offers the challenge to each and every reader today…  ‘A finisher, not a starter be’.

One way to eliminate the rug to carpet falling hazard…

28 Dec 2019

They say that most accidents happen in the home and we all know that falling has a much larger impact on an older body than a young one.  With that in mind LY has focussed on an issue that could put an end to one possible tripping hazard in the home. 

Keeping the message brief today…

25 Dec 2019

LPG offers a Christmas message to our readers…

Yes, we pensioners can still multitask?

22 Dec 2019

AH writes about her perception of how the young see us as we get a little older and allows us to smile a little as she does so. 

Could we ‘fatties’ learn something from following Japan’s lead?

19 Dec 2019

FL offers some statistics about where in the world the technically overweight are to be found and also offers some pointers on the subject of getting just a little bit slimmer…

Spilt milk – get over it!

16 Dec 2019

If you have spilt any milk lately WS’s words may help to turn your experience into a positive one.

Movies in Lewisham Borough again…

13 Dec 2019

It appears that in spite of all the streaming and DVD versions of films that are available not to mention all the big central cinema complexes, the borough of Lewisham is making even more plans to get the locals out to see a good movie…

Older and colder… Avoiding the draught…

10 Dec 2019

Perhaps some of the reading that JW has left for today’s readers may make a difference to how future winters affect your home.  

Observation… do you know a Mrs. X or a Mr. Y?

07 Dec 2019

GW offers change as a trigger which might highlight an opportunity where we just might be of help to someone when they really need it.   

Working on the Detox from the outside in.

04 Dec 2019

JL sings the praises of a detox bath and offers some recipes.

How tired is your electric blanket?

01 Dec 2019

Winter is on its way again but JN suggests a timely warning and asks that we get the electric blankets checked before that initial 2019 first switch-on.

Christmas present shelf life…

28 Nov 2019

Many of us remember when Christmas shopping was something that became an issue a couple of weeks before the big day but, as the problems it conjures up become more evident earlier each year CS offers a few comments.

Looking good while seeing well…

25 Nov 2019

FE passes on what she has found out about balancing seeing well with looking good.

Co-Codamol and constipation; another solution?

22 Nov 2019

PI gives another view on the problems that constipation  provokes.

One race that paper is still winning…

19 Nov 2019

SP makes an observation that shows that sometimes new technology cannot overtake that which we are used to…

With WWII still in mind…

15 Nov 2019

It is time to think about Christmas and the minute that day is over many will be looking to plan their 2020 summer holidays, while there will be no difficulty for most when it comes to thinking back just three days to remembrance day.  With these thoughts in mind, and even though we have been unable to reconnect with the contributor who sent us this featured item of news, we have taken the decision to post it today.

Handbags at dawn and dusk…

12 Nov 2019

SY gives an opinion on an accessory that has always been the domain of the ladies of the western world.   Do you have one?

Go in fighting, or give up; there is an alternative…

09 Nov 2019

It is interesting to realise just how ‘Chinese whispers’ can be so much more than just a game of word distortion.   CP has a thought or two on the subject today. 

(08/19 -e) Show your appreciation and subscribe…

06 Nov 2019

EM has provoked LPG to do our best to supply a relatively simple answer to a relatively complicated question today.  The subject surrounds You Tube and many of the answers are to be found there too.  

The annoying sound of commerce.

03 Nov 2019

FW has a few comments that many of our ears will be able to identify with…

A West Indian thought with a Halloween flavour…

31 Oct 2019

While there are many different views on the subject of Halloween, Rudy offers us his as we mark this year’s passing of the day.

Halloween one year on

28 Oct 2019

WS has broached the subject of holiday and event preparations offering a bit of an experiment with this pre-timed way of writing.  Perhaps we are seeing the birth of a different phase and it may well be that something new has been uncovered with this ‘one year on’ approach to writing.   LPG would be interested to learn of any other thoughts that writers would like us to backdate.  

The opening…

25 Oct 2019

Perhaps there is a comparison to be made here and LS compares bringing the groceries home and unboxing a new online acquisition…

The merits of hanging your head…

22 Oct 2019

BH shares a new way for some to deal with their neck pain issues…..

My ‘good and bad list’ and my need to Keep Striving!

19 Oct 2019

OH offers a few wise words for those who find themselves from time to time with perhaps a little too much thinking time on their hands ….

The ‘Sting Jet’ that had no name…

16 Oct 2019

Anniversaries are remembered for many reasons; can you remember this one.   BJ tries to help… 

The front-garden take-over

13 Oct 2019

NP’s message today ultimately asks questions about the impact that our council’s improvement of our refuse collections is having on the general appearance of those very streets.

Warm heart… and do you have the other problem too?

10 Oct 2019

We did post this article in the height of the summer because we know that there are some who always have cold hands no matter how warm the weather, but as it gets colder perhaps another set of our visitors may benefit from reading it again. 

Is that everything?

07 Oct 2019

Perhaps one of the best tonics for any older person is a holiday or a geographical break from their usual routine.  GS focuses on the possible trauma that the preparation for such a trip might present, and offers a few suggested solutions. 

Keeping them out rather than killing them when they are in…

04 Oct 2019

GD focusses in on the housefly today and works on avoiding the aim, spray and kill method of getting rid.

Setting people and poetry free…

02 Oct 2019

Rudy takes the time to offer us a poem today; with a message all of its own.  LPG would take the time to remind you that poems don’t have to rhyme and that sometimes the message is far more important.  We would also take the time to remind readers that we are always looking for all contributions for our pages….

Sorting the lies form the truth…

29 Sep 2019

RB offers us some research that could become useful even for us oldies.  

Has Christmas got anything to do with your birthday?

26 Sep 2019

AV uncovers what could be loosely described as a bit of a birthday surprise for all those who celebrate today, or perhaps a bit of a birthday disappointment…

Good news carried for us and for the environment.

24 Sep 2019

Perhaps this little fact might be enlightening for a few LPG readers and help them to save a few pennies as they also help to save the environment while the overall shopping experience costs just that little bit less.

Fish, horses and computers...

23 Sep 2019

RL has found some statistics which show us oldies to be getting to grips with computers and some of the things that they can do for us. 

Fish, horses and computers...

23 Sep 2019

RL has found some statistics which show us oldies to be getting to grips with computers and some of the things that they can do for us. 

Use the sensory help around you….

20 Sep 2019

Perhaps there are other readers that identify with Rudy’s comment today; either as a person who avoids wearing their sensory aids

Knitters – exercise your Carpal Tunnels

17 Sep 2019

VH offers something new to all the knitters in LPG land

Sugar, milk and what kind of tea?

14 Sep 2019

Not only is today’s topic of discussion one of the most beloved national aspects of our culture, it is very dear to the older Englander.  GW looks at tea with added focus. 

Getting to sleep in the first place…

11 Sep 2019

HJ has made an attempt to address the question put to us by IC in our featured post which is dated 31st July 2019 and though the approach looks at the opposite aspect of the problem, perhaps part of the solution rests here… 

The value of the change in your pocket.

08 Sep 2019

Money is something that is always worth our consideration as GJ helps us to keep in mind.

Being glad is good for you.

05 Sep 2019

OH urges readers to put a positive edge on their thoughts when those thoughts begin to take a downward turn.

Turmeric without curry

02 Sep 2019

It could be argued that today’s article belongs on our recipe page but perhaps BH has found something here that may work to alleviate some strains of pain particularly suffered by older people as long as the turmeric recipes will not clash with any other medication you are taking.  

A written contract makes things so much easier…

30 Aug 2019

IH has reasons to want to evict her house guest which often are not so obvious to those lucky enough to have someone to share their home as they get older, and while pointing out the best way to do this successfully, homes in on the need to keep one’s independence for as long as possible. 

Minimise your morning raspiness…

27 Aug 2019

SY offers us a few alternative exercises designed to help us deal with the age-old problem of the growly morning voice that we so often wake up with.

Good news carried for us and for the environment.

24 Aug 2019

Perhaps this little fact might be enlightening for a few LPG readers and help them to save a few pennies as they also help to save the environment while the overall shopping experience costs just that little bit less.

Painkiller with a kick…

18 Aug 2019

GM has done us proud with this pearl of wisdom and we hope that if you ever have the opportunity to try the cocktail, thoughts of the place it originated, and its taste, will make it a positive experience even if there is no instant improvement involving pain relief

Perseverance is easier if you have someone to work with…

15 Aug 2019

Perhaps JH has a point when mentioning that you have to be prepared for the long hall to get things done these days. 

Always check your disconnect…

12 Aug 2019

We all know that there are a few fundamental differences between your mobile phone and your home phone.  WT highlights one that is not always obvious. 

For those of us with bad backs…

08 Aug 2019

Chronic back ache is universally known to be a symptom of older age but OU offers another way to tackle this affliction. 

Where or When Did Things Go Wrong

06 Aug 2019

Rudy focuses on the upbringing of our grandchildren and great grandchildren and, regardless of race asks if time and government have succeeded on helping the older generations in raising a better set of people to be the custodians of our borough in the future.

The significance of numbers …

03 Aug 2019

Numbers, there are really only ten of them but OH focuses in on the effect that those ten digits can have on us during a lifetime…

Successful getting up solutions?

31 Jul 2019

IC revisits the age old question of sleep management which is perhaps not so exclusively a problem for those older in age.  

Give it a couple of minutes….

28 Jul 2019

Phone calls; how many times do you pick it up too late?  IP has a solution for those readers who will so recognise the problem when they read this message.

Young backache; I blame technology?

25 Jul 2019

LC makes a very general point about the state of the nation’s backs, but LPG would be interested in learning how many of our present pensioners are in agreement.

14 days to ‘Cool Off’ properly!

22 Jul 2019

Impulsive or persuaded buying sounds good at the time but WM reminds you that there is a little room for manoeuvre if you decide to change your mind quickly enough

Another reason to get the mobile out and take a picture

19 Jul 2019

KF has a point when reminding us that an up to date passport can be a really good way of proving your identity as well as allowing passage to another country, no matter how old we are, and offeres a little advice when it comes to renewal. 

One way of finding inner peace…

16 Jul 2019

Perhaps OC’s friend has come up with a new aspiration for some to get to grips with this year.  From the information given, just getting stated mindfully could be an achievement in itself.

Food for the body, soul and mind

10 Jul 2019

The many ways in which physical workouts can have a holistic effect on people of all ages cannot be stressed too much.   So LPG thought it a good idea to let EP pass the message on again… 

Statistics can drive us crazy if we let them.

07 Jul 2019

Perhaps ND has a point when mentioning the statistics relating to the competence of older drivers as opposed to the younger ones...

Where is the manual when you need it?

03 Jul 2019

There are so many situations that have no relevance until they happen to us and LC offers an answer for a predicament that crops up every now and then in our lives. 

Are implants the way to go…

30 Jun 2019

They are not cheap but if they are suitable for you and you can afford them they are likely to really last and minimise all those dental visits.  

Fire and paper – an interesting mix!

27 Jun 2019

Perhaps burning your paper is not so bad for your garden.  TP has found some online information.

Double trouble or safety in numbers

25 Jun 2019

A pet can be a really positive influence in the life of an elder until the inevitable happens.  LF offers a solution that may help all concerned. 

A little encouragement for those that need it….

23 Jun 2019

FW shares a little encouragement for our older readers. 

Friendship repair-work.

20 Jun 2019

Perhaps it is good to be reminded of the need to repair broken friendships one reason being, as we get older, we can often lose quite a few of the unbroken ones to the point that there will never be an opportunity for healing. 

Perhaps a smarter way to sit…

17 Jun 2019

Perhaps needing a rest in a few of our Lewisham streets can be advantageous, in more ways than one, for older mobile phone users. 

The science behind making new friends.

14 Jun 2019

Finding new friends is not the easiest of tasks.  Perhaps the subject that VT has focussed on in today’s message might help some of our lonelier readers to make a start.

I suppose you might get lucky …

11 Jun 2019

DL challenges our motives for playing the National Lottery and asks us to count the cost of trying to be lucky…

A good excuse for a wallow.

08 Jun 2019

It is true that not all pensioners need to lose weight but, perhaps DH has one solution that may work…

Warm heart… and do you have the other problem too?

05 Jun 2019

KR offers some information for those of us who suffer with cold extremities no matter how warm the weather … 

What achy backs and eggs have in common.

01 Jun 2019

Perhaps CP has found something from the US that will improve the UK lower backache situation. 

A little help for drivers who also suffer from backache.

23 May 2019

Perhaps CP has found something that many might pass by in those little catalogues that all we older people keep receiving and this find could be helpful if your back is a problem while you drive.

The night-time advantages of the birds over the owls…

20 May 2019

Even for some pensioners it can be argued that the adage, ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise’, can still be relevant. AH discusses aspects of this argument today. 

Lower temperatures = higher bills

17 May 2019

WM has found an online calculator to help those who want to assess their eligibility for help with their energy bills.

What to do if you just can’t go

14 May 2019

LPG has no doubt that everyone knows someone who suffers in this way even though few talk about it in polite society. 

Operation… weather to postpone…

11 May 2019

Operations are more common as we get older but RH has a word of warning about recovery and timing that may be useful.

Driving verses parking…

08 May 2019

Drivers of all ages have the problems with parking perhaps CE has found a viable solution.

Pill popping the needs and wants..

05 May 2019

PC has some advice and information surrounding the growing British habit of taking vitamin supplements. 

Don’t lose momentum…

03 May 2019

RB is repeating what should arguably be one of the most fundamental rules of life and one that it does not hurt to hear again every now and then.

Four weeks of rubbish? That’s too much!

29 Apr 2019

CH lets us know what to do if the bin is missed by the bin collection team.

Finance? - something new to boggle your mind.

26 Apr 2019

DL thought it may be a good idea to learn just a little about the Bitcoin so that when your younger family members mention it you are not completely in the dark…

Life’s potential fox…

23 Apr 2019

The readers of this site are old enough to know that life can throw us many potential curve balls.  WS offers a code for dealing with them. 

What you see and what you hear.

20 Apr 2019

SW again gives us an insight into just how much information can be found on line and homes in on the effect that music can have on us. 

Who can you trust?

14 Apr 2019

In these days of telephone scamming and, in spite of the new government rules put in place to minimise the practise of cold calling, we all know that it still happens.  IJ asks how we can tell the genuine callers from fake ones and LPG ties their best to offer one solution. 

Make no mistakes with your banking strategy!

11 Apr 2019

LM offers some good advice for those who need to prepare for a time when they may not be able to visit their bank. 

Make sure it’s factory fresh before you give it away.

07 Apr 2019

HG makes a point that we all need to be aware of when giving away a mobile phone, no matter how basic the model. 

Rock and Roll is as classic as we are!

04 Apr 2019

RY, has found a little musical food for thought to share with us today…

Me… the original April fool.

01 Apr 2019

FW has shared her really nice April fool story with us.  If something memorable happens to you today let us know.  We are happy to store stories for up to a year before posting them.

Our lost hour…

30 Mar 2019

Does the loss of one hour in late March each year make that much difference?  CJ offers a point of view.

Pack some food for the mind…

28 Mar 2019

FP shares experiences of hospital in the hope that any reader scheduled to make an extended visit  is able to minimise one of the many aspects of being there that we don’t really think about until the situation arises. 

Invitation or directive?

25 Mar 2019

YC offers a little advice about, at least confirming your need to follow instructions you receive in a letter no matter how much those directives may seem compulsory.

Inflatable sleeping...

22 Mar 2019

Perhaps, as NT has observed, we are becoming a nation that use our spare rooms for reasons other than the odd guest’s visit these days and it has to be said that a bed that is not used very much takes up a lot of space.   NT comments on a personal knowledge of trying this alternative. 

Ten years on - we still need to fight our corner…

17 Mar 2019

LPG found this letter which dates from about ten years ago when the gazette was a paper.  Do you have an old copy of the paper version and is there a subject covered inside that you feel needs a second airing?

(12/18 -L) Measuring by picture…

15 Mar 2019

JW looks at one way of dealing with the boredom that can result while recovering from an operation.   Time passes much more quickly from the carers’, or regular visitors’,  points of view than it ever will for the patient, but this activity is something that could be considered by patients themselves who have smart phones and have learned to take the odd selfie and video as one way of passing some of that recovery time.   

Does your writing give you away?

09 Mar 2019

Perhaps GF has found something that you can use to learn a little more about your friends or family members if they will put pen to paper rather than finger to keyboard.   

Meditate and stay healthy

06 Mar 2019

TM offers readers a little thought that could improve the workings of the mind a little.

Let your fingers click not walk….

03 Mar 2019

YD points out that yet another publication that most of us elders have taken for granted for many years is coming to an end. 

Something to make us all a little less lonely

28 Feb 2019

LPG knows that the newly retired often find themselves with a lot of time to fill, and offer a possible way to spend an hour a week.   

Driving without sound… Ford drivers beware…

26 Feb 2019

Listening to music or the radio is something that most drivers take for granted, but ND wakes us up to a little bit of knowledge that Ford drivers might find handy to know.

Every picture tells a story (chapter 2)

23 Feb 2019

In answer to our invitation to show us the aspects of Lewisham that provoke residents to take out their mobile phone and focus.  JA shares one viewpoint. 

Electric blankets; a good or bad thing?

20 Feb 2019

BL offers LPG readers an electric blanket wake up call.  

Valuable pictures

17 Feb 2019

KF has uncovered another really good use for your mobile Smartphone or iPhone.

Is yours out of date.

12 Feb 2019

JB highlights a little detail which may well have passed  some ex professional drivers by.

Mental skill swapping and age difference…

09 Feb 2019

SC comments on the fundamentals that younger students appear not to need to learn quite as much as we did. 

A winter-sleep question that needs more research?

06 Feb 2019

Perhaps, for all the online information available, a lot more research needs to be done before this question is finally answered.  AH is still working on it for us…

Something to pass on to the younger ones…

03 Feb 2019

Perhaps like BJ you are a reader that feels that the younger people of today have a little to learn from our generation, and if you don’t know where to begin here is one subject that might serve as a starting point…

Everybody needs somebody special

31 Jan 2019

Perhaps DL’s offering today could awaken a truth that so many know to be accurate but, which they also have forgotten as they get older.  LPG is thankful that these thoughts can be passed on for our all-important readers.  

Do-it-yourself eye tests?

28 Jan 2019

The world is becoming an online focussed place but a virtual eye test has given SW a bit of news to share. 

Phone a friend

25 Jan 2019

Having a phone buddy, especially during the winter months, can be advantageous as PC explains. 

The electronic high street (lesson 1)

22 Jan 2019

Perhaps, if we are among the silver surfers that do shop online, what WK has to say about the internet sellers and service providers may be of some value. 

A little more help for the Neck and Back.

19 Jan 2019

LPG has visited this subject before but TR offers us some more tips on how to alleviate any tension pain that you may have in your neck or back.   

Pill popping the needs and wants..

16 Jan 2019

PC has some advice and information surrounding the growing British habit of taking vitamin supplements. 

You can’t even give it away?

14 Jan 2019

If you have not yet done so perhaps YW’s words will get you thinking about a really serious and complicated issue that all pensioners need to consider.  

Do something nice for your mobile phone.

13 Jan 2019

PR offers some ways to help you help your mobile to last longer.

You are never too old to stretch a bit.

09 Jan 2019

There are so many online stretch exercises but if we are going to do more than read about them we have to make plans.  HB has found something that a 90-year-old has put together.  Perhaps it is worth perusing?

How quickly we shoppers all forget….

06 Jan 2019

Woolworth’s was a household name that most of our generation grew up with and the fact that the whole chain of shops were closed so suddenly was a shock that many of us will have etched somewhere on our minds.  But was it really ten years ago?

Pets can make you feel younger

03 Jan 2019

Having a pet can make such a difference to the life of an older person who lives alone as MM explains. 

2019; what will we resolve to do with it?

31 Dec 2018

It is argued that resolutions are a waste of time but as OV points out today it is perhaps worth making plans for a positive change whatever you want to call it. 

Grandparents it is too late for this Christmas again… but next year.

24 Dec 2018

NG has an idea for next Christmas perhaps which will help to make the celebration a little bit more special for the little ones.

The difference between Yuletide and Christmas

21 Dec 2018

Perhaps this point needed a little clarification although so many of us know the facts.  LPG would like to thank PF for setting us strait on a few details here. 

In defence of our National fast food (I mean) dish.

20 Dec 2018

KY gives little offers her thoughts on a well-loved delicacy that is still arguably part of our English heritage.  

Do you have it on your hands, or is it flying by?

15 Dec 2018

They say that ‘time is money’ but while money is often the more important of the two for those younger members of our society, perhaps time grows in importance as we get older.  EW offers a point of view. 

A hobby that will give you a buzz

12 Dec 2018

Here is a pastime that may interest some of our pensioners it is both rewarding and can be quite profitable once you get into the swing. 

Someone who thought ahead…

09 Dec 2018

SJ reminds us that times change, but for all that, very little else does regardless of whatever aspect of life we are observing.

Off line letter tracking

07 Dec 2018

Perhaps emails are quick and effective but if you want to get a message across and make sure that you did, the Royal mail can help even if you don’t know how to track it on line. 

A number we often forget.

03 Dec 2018

SU has the solution to one of those conundrums that does not affect us often but when it does … don’t ask about the problems that can arise. 

Round bits of paper are growing in value….

29 Nov 2018

It is nice to remember and, though it was not that long ago, time is already capitalising on this little bit of history.  HW explains.

Morning stiffness.

22 Nov 2018

KR finds some answers to the morning stiffness issue.

Keeping it local.

19 Nov 2018

OW suggests a way to keep up to date on things local as well as worldwide and get some local heap every now and then too. 

Disguising the red and skipping the word…

18 Nov 2018

Perhaps RJ is right about the colour of this very beneficial food item, so she is trying to hide the colour in the hope that it will protect the ignorant!

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it – YOU!

16 Nov 2018

Meeting Linda at Peoples day has helped LPG to inform readers of the importance of nipping this in the bud, and finding out early if there is any cause for concern is one of the many keys to a longer life. 

Putting the pressure on beetroots.

13 Nov 2018

Perhaps not the first thing that would come to mind when choosing a cooling drink for a warm day,  but there may be a reason yet to give the beetroot a little consideration.

I think anyone who ever went in deserves one!

11 Nov 2018

Today holds many memories for many people.  PP remembers in his own way.

Let the younger ones take the strain…

10 Nov 2018

Perhaps we need to listen to our bodies a little more than we listen to those who profess to need our help.   KA makes the point.  

Loosing your life to too much sleep…

08 Nov 2018

HS poses an interesting question.   How much sleep is too much sleep?

Don’t keep it to yourself…

07 Nov 2018

Keeping things too secret and not sharing the load can often be the start of getting yourself depressed, so as MW reminds us ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’.

What happens to time?

04 Nov 2018

here are many theories but few real answers to this when it comes to the issue of where time goes and we invite any reader with an explanation to share it with LPG readers.

For pet’s sake.

01 Nov 2018

Pets are a perfect way to minimise loneliness but so many decide not to buy another in case it outlives them.    This bit of information may change minds and help would-be pet owners to make being one again a reality without the worry of what happens if you leave them behind.

(08/18 -b) Who will be there for you?

26 Oct 2018

KJ visits a care home, has time to think ahead, and passes on those thoughts. 

Energy true or false?

23 Oct 2018

Now that we are on our way back to winter KW may have found a few facts that will help you to rethink electricity and how you think you are saving it.

Let the kids know.

20 Oct 2018

A text or voicemail can eradicate what could otherwise result in a day of family  anguish that can so easily be avoided

A phrase turned on its head.

17 Oct 2018

LPG thanks SE for suggesting that this may be a film worth watching.

Digging the dirt again….

14 Oct 2018

JT focusses in on some of the really rubbishy issues that still may affect some of our Lewisham residents in spite of the new arrangements put in place last October.

One way to learn about IT.

11 Oct 2018

Perhaps the children of older parents could pass on JW’s story to parents who need a little encouragement when it comes to being an older student. 

Now… Not quite so handy Lewisham.

07 Oct 2018

It is highly unlikely that Lewisham Borough is the only one that has cut such services that made such a difference to the community.  This is one of the many services that has been cut leaving quite a few residents neglecting some vital repairs and, although there was a contingency put in its place, it appears that the follow up publicity has been lacking.

Other ways to see better for longer…

05 Oct 2018

Take a look at AJ’s take on taking care of your glasses

It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it…

27 Sep 2018

Perhaps JA’s intended enquiry will improve the lot of the pensioner who commutes with the help of their freedom pass.  If you find yourself with a similar situation please share your issues. 

A memory for those old enough

24 Sep 2018

LPG thanks FI for giving us the opportunity to reflect and remember one of the great actors that helped to shape many a nostalgic moment, and hopes that some of our reader’s memories will be jogged enough to let us know about an actor that you would like to see celebrated on our pages 

Shoddy professionalism?

22 Sep 2018

No one needs to look too far to observe evidence of lower standards that we are expected to accept these days but the picture that WB has sent to us does nothing but illustrate, yet again, the lower level of professional workmanship that we have come to expect from council subcontractors.

Renewing online patient access.

20 Sep 2018

Perhaps MT points out the difficulties of getting to grips with online patient access at the moment, but as with everything it is a case of …if you can get it sorted it can be really helpful.

Not a unique habit then.

16 Sep 2018

LPG would like to thank DK for educating readers on the positive reasons for watching your favourite film again and again.

Permission to forgive yourself.

12 Sep 2018

Perhaps this news post will give those with time to think, because they are stuck in a hospital bed or otherwise, a wider focus when it comes to dealing with any thoughts surrounding guilt

Ask who and where….

09 Sep 2018

JB has highlighted something that is so obvious but often missed.  Remembering to arm yourself with this extra bit of information could make identifying the advisor that you last spoke to a little easier. 

Flies and walls…

05 Sep 2018

Perhaps talking with and about your friends can be a valuable pastime.

Having faith in me…

03 Sep 2018

YD has found an often unaddressed problem for LPG to highlight today, and we would like to remind our readers that, if writing is the thing that will boost your confidence we would love to hear your thoughts on this or any other subject.  We like nothing more than to be given the opportunity to post all our readers’ articles.  It is not important to physically write your article.  If you contact us we will do the writing for you and make sure that you see it before it is posted on the website.  We would also remind you that we never add more than a set of initials when attributing an author to any piece unless that author specifically asks. 

Bathroom scales are not only for the young…

31 Aug 2018

LPG found the article that MJ highlighted in this post on the growing presence of malnutrition among the elderly quite alarming even though it really comes as no surprise, so we thank MJ for giving us the opportunity to remind and appeal to readers to be vigilant for themselves and the older people around them.

That Friendless Feeling

28 Aug 2018

DL brings us a variation on the loneliness theme and a possible solution.

That Friendless Feeling

28 Aug 2018

DL brings us a variation on the loneliness theme and a possible solution.

Long distance ‘happily ever afters’…

24 Aug 2018

LPG can see the possible implications as CK has explained a situation that will have varied consequences for many retired people and while retirement should not stop anyone from any plan of action, this post asks that we are vigilant.  Perhaps it is easier to look at things more objectively as the friend of someone thinking of following this path.

Chopping off the Overhang.

21 Aug 2018

HW has brought us an article on a subject which has often been the undoing of many a harmonious neighbourhood relationship.  

Something a little different to do and give…

12 Aug 2018

LD’s creative ideas will not be for everyone but, for some they may offer a little inspiration which may come in useful throughout the year and also inspire a new pastime for some of our more artistic readers.


The paperless trap.

09 Aug 2018

Producing proof of address is something we have all needed to do from time to time but KY has a point when reminding us that with the continuing push towards paperless billing, being able to produce one at short notice is getting more complicated. 

Pen pals revisited

09 Aug 2018

OS has given us the opportunity to revisit the subject of Pen Pals and the advantages of getting involved.

We need to e-represent ourselves.

05 Aug 2018

WT reminds readers that the experience is not all about the professionals while LPG again invites readers to add their thoughts to the internet wealth of information, and reminds you that LPG would be really happy to help you on the way to achieving that goal.  

Communities need you!

03 Aug 2018

One of the biggest down sides to being older is loneliness, and we all know of the difficulties that widening your friendship-base can produce, but while EH is right LPG would appeal to all readers to remember the need to be security conscious when communicating with new people for the first time, regardless of whether you plan to talk, meet up, or chat online.   

The result of my three favourite pastimes just for you…

30 Jul 2018

Whether you need to know if you will be able to smoke, or be able to avoid smokers when you next travel NS has provided some answers.

An obscure little publication

25 Jul 2018

LPG is hoping that one of our readers will be able to offer a little in the way of a solution to WJ’s conundrum. 

In defence of Facebook

23 Jul 2018

LPG lives in the hope that at least one reader will be helped by this information and inspired to have a look for someone they have lost touch with.  There is an art to searching that needs to be taught but if you have a family member or friend with a Facebook account perhaps they could help. 

People, books and covers…

18 Jul 2018

CB makes a really good point when questioning what the way we look says about us. 

Chronological or Biological?

15 Jul 2018

While KE is not suggesting that the internet can offer a conclusive test and LPG suggests that the results of any online test can be seen as conclusive and accurate.   LPG suggests that lessons can be learned by going through the process of answering the online questions and making an objective assessment of the results. 

Passing it on.

11 Jul 2018

OC. has been kind enough to share thoughts on getting older and how to be positive about the experience. 

Another way to visit family in residential care.

08 Jul 2018

LPG knows that making skype available to residents on a larger screen would take up even more of the residential home staff’s time, but perhaps JB’s idea would be appropriate and a positive use of technology in some of these homes

The Off-Peak Train Ticket Trap…

07 Jul 2018

LPG thanks JA for this bit of information which, we hope, may be particularly beneficial to our readers who regularly commute by train.   

Trying to retain what is left of a natural smile…

05 Jul 2018

Teeth: - those little white things in your head that facilitate the perfect smile, and allow us to indulge that all-important habit of eating.  Ask not what they can do for us but what we can do for them. 


Paying Homage to My Favourite Actor and Giving Away My Age?

02 Jul 2018

KE has put the challenge out there for readers m but why not enjoy going back a few years yourself and making a little time to hark back to one of the acting greats, and If you have a favourite you would like to tell us about we would be happy to share your thoughts with your fellow LPG readers.

Nails Can Be Done at Home…

29 Jun 2018

It is good to know that some of our readers look back through our posts and get some value from them.   LPG Value the reactions of our readers to anything that has been written.    

Keeping abreast of what happens in care homes.

27 Jun 2018

LPG feels the need to pass one of RO’s very real reasons for making regular visit to a care home on to readers.

Our second first anniversary… (LPG’s message to our readers 1)

26 Jun 2018

LPG takes the opportunity to celebrate a significant day in its existence. 

Don’t Speculate – Open It Up.

23 Jun 2018

This is one of those problems that is likely to be dismissed by the person that it is affecting.  Perhaps it is worth taking a look at your friends to see if you can help them in the way that HS has pointed out.

Nothing But A Number!

20 Jun 2018

LPG hopes that FN’s words will inspire readers to consider their next life goal if they are having the slightest hint of regret, failure or resignation to being at the end of their life successes; something that we cannot be reminded about too often.

Something to do when you are traveling.

20 Jun 2018

FI, has found something that might be useful to those of us who find ourselves with time on our hands while we travel. 

OK as long as you don’t stop!

17 Jun 2018

Here are a few more parking questions answered for us thanks to the inquisitiveness of CE.

Short sighted seeing at night.

13 Jun 2018

Perhaps WM has found an answer to a problem that should not really exist but if it didn’t there would not be so many companies offering this solution

Breath your way to calmness.

10 Jun 2018

Perhaps this is something that does not get brought up in conversation as often as it could be, and that more people are affected by than speak out about it.  LPG hopes that even if breathing exercises are not the way forward for some of our readers, VB’s thoughts may provoke some healthy friendly discussion.

When you are only slightly ill?

07 Jun 2018

As MT has shared this information, and we know that not all pharmacies are a part of it, LPG would value contact from anyone who can tell us of Lewisham chemists who they have found taking part so that we can put together a list for publication. 

Making Hands-Free Waiting Time Count.

04 Jun 2018

TF tells us of one interesting way of minimising the frustration that so many of us experience when waiting for an answer while telephoning.  

The USP can sometimes miss the point?

30 May 2018

LPG found KE’s comment interesting.  Is this contributor to our site the only person that feels this way?

They’re always watching you watching them!

28 May 2018

KM has brought to the fore something that will not affect many readers of our site but, there is some information here that could have some significance for readers friends. 

Accessible electronic house deeds.

25 May 2018

We have to thank KL for providing us with some information that may have little significance for many but that we hope will be helpful to some of our readers.  

Keeping it real.

23 May 2018

If you have had a similar experience to that of OC we would welcome your thoughts about how to get through. 

Life’s Speed Limits

21 May 2018

We have all been there, struggling to get something done with insufficient time to achieve it.  Perhaps we should listen to what JT has to say.

Drifting off at the right time

19 May 2018

We have to thank AJ for the insight thrown open while sharing concerns about a good night’s sleep and appeal to other readers to share their solutions to the problem.  

Focus on the future and let the past GO.

13 May 2018

CP has taken the time to point out a fundamental fact that can so easily be forgotten in the midst of family conflict.  This is one of those things that will provide a large filler for your ‘to do’ list.

Can bad language ever be a good thing?

09 May 2018

The questions raised by AJ here invoke many differing opinions.  Do you have one to offer us?

The Leaflet lottery.

06 May 2018

Before you express your indignation the next time that you pick up a leaflet from your front door mat, spare a thought for the time, effort and cost of getting it there.

‘Atishoo’ or a hanky?

21 Apr 2018

It is all about personal preference but what do you think is the best way forward?  

There is more to old age than being relatively well-off

19 Apr 2018

Is NF trying to teach a lesson that is easy to see when looking at it as a younger person?  Perhaps we need to look at, and hold onto our plans.  It is so easy to wait until it is too late.

Call it God or fate - there is always a way forward?

14 Apr 2018

IE thinks that the story recounted in this post will help readers to think positively no matter how bad things appear and we at LPG happen to agree. 

111 a real disappointment?

06 Apr 2018

LPG is more than aware that PS’s post reflects the feeling of others and could have been written by one of many in our borough.  Perhaps having the situation highlighted more than once could make a difference.

Nipping things in the bud.

04 Apr 2018

Perhaps there is a reader who has experienced NN’s situation, and who can shed more light on what to do.  Please get in touch and share any information that might help your peers. 

May the luck of the Irish, and Nigerians, go with you today…

17 Mar 2018

If you missed the opportunity to pay a little homage to St. Patrick today, LPG would urge you to remember that there are only 365 days until the next celebration in his honour…

Do you know what its worth?

02 Mar 2018

Perhaps KL’s concerns may just be the catapult needed to make this the year that you focus on how you and your family me be affected in the future.

Images designed to take you back….

21 Feb 2018

If you have the time, and enjoy jazz, perhaps this picture could be a door to discovering the work of a musician that you have yet to experience and appreciate.  LPG tries to cater for all.

Images designed to take you back….

21 Feb 2018

If you have the time, and enjoy jazz, perhaps this picture could be a door to discovering the work of a musician that you have yet to experience and appreciate.  LPG tries to cater for all.

A long way to go…

26 Jan 2018

So you think that you’ve been everywhere and done everything….perhaps not yet.

Getting there…

20 Jan 2018

Get this lesson under your belt and you could find that you have another place to get answers to you questions when you are not sure how you are going to get there.

Saying goodbye.

17 Jan 2018

Saying goodbye is hard however brief the length of time involved, but BR has some ideas.  If you can think of something that has been left out, please contact us with your idea so that we can let LPG readers know. 

One special tree – the history.

15 Jan 2018

Even though OV no longer lives in Lewisham Borough this post comes from the memory archive of some one whose childhood is still routed here. 

Oldies but Goodies

11 Jan 2018

Old folks are worth a fortune: With silver in their hair, gold in their teeth, stones in their kidneys, lead in their feet, and gas in their stomachs. I have become a lot more social with the passing of the years; some might even call me a frivolous old gal.

What God Says About Getting Older

28 Dec 2017

Perhaps the information contained in this letter will give encouragement to some of our readers.  Please let us know if you are affected by what you find.  

It makes me smile now…

16 Dec 2017

Something like this has happened to so many at some time in their life.  As IC writes, she can see the funny side now.  Have you a predicament that would make web visitors smile?   Please let us know.  Just phone, email or write to us using the information on our contact page.  Tell us the quick version and we will do the writing and make sure that anonymity is maintained to protect the embarrassed.

Off line shopping – back in the day

02 Dec 2017

This is a definite ‘back in the day story’ which we hope you can enjoy.

Reading the Bible – the benefits

22 Nov 2017

Like CMJ, many believe that God needs to be uppermost in the life of everyone.

The old man a story

19 Nov 2017

The room was set on the corner of the building. It contained an iron bed, a bedside table and a chest of drawers. Three windows were set in place to give light and everything was painted white.

Knowing your numbers

16 Nov 2017

Things like this change so gradually but before we know it, we have experienced a complete transformation

Seniors - Time to get included?

15 Nov 2017

Everyone calls it Seniors’, but the official name of the white building at 260 Stanstead Road’s is the Lewisham Elders Resource Centre.  We’ve got a community café (Phoenix Café), a theatre space, meeting or training rooms, a sun lounge, a suite of first-floor offices and a large rear garden.

The work of Citizens' Advice

12 Nov 2017

Please remember that Citizens’ Advice is a really good place to start when seeking advice on many subjects. You can visit the Lewisham Branches at Catford (84-86 Rushey Green, London SE6 4HW), or Sydenham (299 Kirkdale, London SE26 4QD).

Remembering the STOP button

08 Nov 2017

I found this bit of information on Facebook and I think it applies to old and young people alike, so I hope you will post it on your site. Remember the stop button

When does stop mean stop

05 Nov 2017

Did you know that the way bus drivers treat bus stops has changed. Their new directive is that they only need to stop at a bus stop if they can see someone who clearly wants to get on their bus standing at the stop...

Online old wives tail

01 Nov 2017

I was talking to a friend who observed that so many people, young and old, are still suffering from the coughs left by the many colds that descended upon the English nation just after Christmas, and I remembered a remedy that I heard about through my cousin who is trying it out right now.

Peter Ramrayka Recycling a Son of the British Raj

29 Oct 2017

We live in a ‘connected’ age where people’s connections impact the world as well as one another, not least through electronic media. Some lives speak eloquently of connection and Peter Ramrayka’s is such.

The length of the stick and the state of your back.

27 Oct 2017

I am quite short as people go, and having had problems with my knees in the past, I found it good to have a walking cane at the ready although I can’t remember using it much.

It’s not working…

25 Oct 2017

Perhaps this is your experience too but there is a positive ending that you can offer to all who identify with CJ.  Or perhaps your story has a different ending.  We would very much like to share what you have to say on the subject.  

Another way to make GP contact?

22 Oct 2017

I read, with interest, the information about how doctors see the ongoing problems that we clients are experiencing. As a result I have learned that many GP practises now have a website and making contact via email is another option.

Variations on a theme...

18 Oct 2017

I bet you don’t know who Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr was. 
He was a 19th century, French-born journalist, but more significantly he was the one who is credited for observing that “Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.”

A tale of two Surgeries

15 Oct 2017

About nine months ago, I had extreme arthritic pain in one knee.  An injection and some Anti-inflammatory tablets prescribed by my then GP made all the difference. He did warn me that the effects would only last for about six months before another injection may be needed.

Things that you do without thinking / How are other people perceiving you?

11 Oct 2017

Though retired, I regularly make a British Rail train journey and, perhaps for want of something else to do during the journey, I often observe how many of my fellow passengers are regularly on that train at the same time as I am.

New rules!

08 Oct 2017

I am sure that it is not unusual as we get older but I recently underwent a minor operation and recovery left me needing to spend time resting and convalescing.  I have been unable to do many of the things that I normally do which perhaps, has given me more time to think.

Oldies but Goodies

04 Oct 2017

I was wondering about the oldest bit of film on YouTube earlier today and although it is not specifically about Lewisham this footage of London caught my eye.  I just wondered if you could add it to our website so that LPG visitors might enjoy it too.

ASAP - there’s no rush really

01 Oct 2017

Do you remember when only technical people talked in jargon and acronyms, which were expected to go over the heads of ordinary people?   For instance, back in the 1970s the only person expected to really know what the term ASAP meant would have been someone from the army...

Husband remote control

24 Sep 2017

It was the afternoon of the cup final and I was working behind the counter one day when a lady approached and gave me some items that she planned to buy.   “Is that cash, cheque or charge madam?”, I asked, after folding the items the woman wished to purchase.

DVD new look?

20 Sep 2017

Have you ever put a ‘glitchy’ DVD into your disk recorder; a DVD that either sticks or stops half way through the film. You can often see the smudges and smears on the actual side of the disk that is supposed to play, which is when most people buy a disk cleaning kit.

Define the following

17 Sep 2017

Trying to find your glasses, without your glasses.

A little less stress

13 Sep 2017

Are you one of the pensioners who moved sometime during the past five years and who, as a result, had problems with your Freedom Pass because the letter that they sent to you went to your previous address?

Your LPG needs YOU

06 Sep 2017

Human resources are one of the two most important commodities that every organisation needs to survive and like so many Lewisham organisations the LPG is running out of both!

Seniors - White walls 'n' all!

30 Aug 2017

Behold the white-walled, castellated Strawberry Hill gothic wonder at 260 Stanstead Road! Rubbing your eyes you can see Seniors members emerging, gleeful and rejuvenated with a spring in their step.

Remote access - take care! / Are "Microsoft calling"

23 Aug 2017

Just imagine being able to use a computer without being near it.  If on a train using your internet-ready mobile, tablet or laptop you could access a computer you left on at home to get information out of it.

My war

16 Aug 2017

An early memory of mine, in the mid, 1920s, has me standing in our big kitchen and suddenly realising, for the first time – possibly from something overheard – that being a girl, not a boy, meant I would grow up to be a woman, not a man.

How things change

13 Aug 2017

The other day I was going through a cupboard and I came across a copy of the ‘Yellow Pages’ which was published in 2006/2007. I could not help myself. I felt the need to take a look at the one I received in 2012 so that I could compare the two.

Support for legs and plants

09 Aug 2017

Like many, I spend much of my time in my garden and the English summer never ceases to amaze me.  This year, with its bouts of intense sunshine followed by concentrated rain, has had some dramatic effects on some of the plants in my garden

What really happened to Sunday?

02 Aug 2017

I just want to say that as we get older things gradually change and we forget to remember what we have lost.  We can see this as we look around the streets of the borough.

The black stuff

26 Jul 2017

I was talking to a friend the other day and we started to reminisce about a few things.

I wondered if anyone else remembers...

A little less lonely

19 Jul 2017

I have to say that as I get older more and more of my close friends are disappearing from my life through illness and worse.  The long dark nights of the winter, when we spend so much more time at home, help me to be aware of this even more.

Pearls of Wisdom

16 Jul 2017

If you see someone without a smile give him one of yours.
Reading is, to the mind, what exercise is to the bod

The Age old ‘To do’ list

12 Jul 2017

My friends and I are all getting older and when we get together to talk there are a few topics of conversation that keep recurring;  our aches and pains, what our friends are getting up to and what we can no longer do with our time and money.

Less pleasant pleasantries

28 Jun 2017

Emails have largely taken the place of letters these days and I agree that they have their place in the convenient world that ours has now evolved into being.

The frustrations of getting through! / Overcoming the machine

27 Jun 2017

Have you ever tried to get through to your bank, the company who provides you with Gas or electricity, phone, insurance or some other service you use?

Bombed school days

21 Jun 2017

I noticed the experiences of a reader in the last issue of the Gazette and wondered if anyone would like to hear one of mine?

How old is old

14 Jun 2017

One day last summer I found myself at a local charity event and I bought an item which cost 90p. I gave £1 and the lady selling offered me his change and then suggested that I put it in a collection box which was standing on the edge of her table.

On the other hand

07 Jun 2017

I recently found out that I was suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The result is that it was getting harder to do anything with his hands because of pain and the feeling of pins and needles that was getting slowly worse and worse.

God’s small miracles

31 May 2017

One day, about a week before Christmas, I went shopping and had already bought a few things. I was already carrying a bag of shopping when I got to Iceland, but there were more items on my list. I did my usual tour of the shop and having checked-out; I organised this shopping.

The Secrets of being a Woman

24 May 2017

There are lodes of proverbs in the bible, indeed they even have their own chapter,  but my friend wrote this as a part of her celebration of international Women’s day and, even though that event will not occur again until next March 8th , I wanted to share her words with all my LPG readers.

Keeping the neighbours guessing…

11 Apr 0220

YF reminds us that while, making sure that all the aspects of the holiday are sorted before we go away, doing your best to make sure that what you are leaving will still be there when you come back is important too.