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I blame Henry!

30 May 2019

Dear LPG,


They say that statistics can be interpreted in any way you like really.  Here is a little case in point.


Henry VIII was no real example to us when it comes to marriage and divorce.  Did you know that today would have been his 483rd wedding anniversary?   On 30th of May,1536 he married his third wife, Jane Seymour, just eleven days after wife number two, Anne Boleyn, was beheaded?  About three years earlier he was responsible for the creation of a whole new version of the Church of England just so that he could marry Ann and divorce wife number one, Catherine of Aragon, and there were another three after that. 


Modern statistics appear to show that second marriages are more successful than first ones, there is always the question of finances and making sure that respective families don’t end up in conflict as a result of such a late union, although I also found some information about the fact that more pensioners are divorcing these days too. 


My point was not to put a dampener on the ‘young’ love of any couples who have rediscovered their first flush of happiness.  I have read that getting married for the second time is likely to last longer than the first.


I have found some online information that shows that, while there are financial pros and cons, as long as you make proper financial rearrangements for your families and spouses in advance, getting spliced again could result in giving a couple better tax and legal financial options than the alternative, living together, and why shouldn’t you be happy just because you are a bit older?    


I say; it’s never too late to find love, (as long as you do all the financial preparation before tying the knot) no matter how old you are, so if there is a new someone special in your life… do it!



ES, Rushey Green.



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