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Another little known national commemoration day

15 Jun 2019

Dear LPG,


Did you know that today has been designated World Elder Abuse Action Day?  We know it goes on but it is something that only really touches us when we see its effects within the circle of our personal lives and those close to us. 


The saddest part of this whole thing is that people become victims when they can do least about it, and it is really difficult to see what is happening to your friends and family members that find themselves in need of care, although it is to be remembered that neighbours and family members, in fact anyone can be counted among those who abuse from time to time with varied reasons (not always gainful or vindictive) and with varying effect.   


I looked up what constitutes abuse and some of the things mentioned have been highlighted in television programmes and newspaper articles, but I also found some quite disturbing information which I thought should be shared. With that in mind I have found some links that might open a few closed eyes and raise a few eyebrows quite a lot. 


The awful reports that we used to hear about a few years ago appear to be on the decline, but I have to ask if that is only because it is not highlighted quite so much these days?  When we visit those we know who are in care homes, or cared for at home, we only get a glimpse of what life must be like when one has no choice but to live in this way.  I used to regularly visit a relative who was in need of care and always wondered if he was really happy in spite of the fact that I felt that he was well cared for.


I found a UK based organisation called ‘Action on elder abuse’ who provide an advice line for people to call if they are worried about the care that is being received.  


I have been left wondering what we individuals can do to help on such a day.  This is one of the numerous world action days that have come into existence and the first was held only seven years ago.  From what I have learned from the internet, the way forward is to raise awareness and fund raise with events that can be organised in advance.


I am trusting that what I have written will raise a little awareness today, and even though it is too late for the organisation of any real event for 2019 now, there will be an awareness day in 2020.


 I am asking that LPG will be able to post my message for the 2019 awareness day and perhaps repeat it about a month in advance of next year’s awareness day in the hope that a few Lewisham based people and organisations might commemorate the day a little more markedly.


PA, Lewisham


LPG has left the information that PA offered…


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