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August 29th - National PPI day…

02 Jun 2019

Dear LPG,


It all seems to be about the 29th day in the month this year.  We had the 29th March come and go without making a lot of difference to the Brexit situation, but the 29th of August is also looming ever nearer too.


I am a bit of a television watcher and we all know that the opportunity to retrieve any PPI entitlement is coming to an end.   There is technically less than three months to go before it is all over, even though it seems like only the other day that they started giving us about two years notice of the end date.


For a while it all went to sleep but now the television adverts are all over our screens again offering the opportunities for companies to do all the work of enquiring for you.  Please remember that while these nice companies are doing the work there has to be something in it for them, and from what I can see there are two advantages.


Firstly there is the average of between 30% and 45% fee that they will take from any money they are able to recover and then, more frighteningly, there is all the information that they will learn about your finances in order to be able to do the research needed to claim in the first place. 


I ask that readers remember that most banks and companies who have miss-sold this service in the past already know that they did wrong in the eyes of the law, and if you phone them yourself they will still have a department equipped to deal with their clients direct, if they have not arranged for a specific outside agency to take it over for them.  If you call direct in the first instance your claim is likely to be settled without the use of a ‘middleman’ agency and with you getting all the money you are owed back; the added bonus being that the only people who will find out anything extra will be those who already are in the know; the people that sold it to you in the first place.  You only ever need to use an agency if you don’t get satisfaction after approaching the original company direct which is when it may be worth deciding that half an entitlement is better than nothing.


There is only one thing to add (or to say again); the advertisers are right about one thing, you need to start your research now.


 KE, New Cross


LPG thanks KE for the links below which hold information about how to start your own PPI search…


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