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Every picture tells a story (chapter 4)

04 Jun 2019

Dear LPG



I don’t think that my picture is very artistic or picturesque but, I saw it and used my mobile phone and, in my opinion, it certainly tells me a story which I would like to share.  


I still drive a car although I am sure that I am not as frequent a visitor to petrol stations these days, I have become a creature of habit.  My father had a car when most people did not and I remember family outings which often included a fuel top-up on the way.   I well remember when you arrived at the garage and waited for the petrol pump attendant to remove your petrol cap and insert the tube which transferred the petrol to your car for you.  Do you remember those days when each pump only had one tube coming out of it and petrol/diesel mistakes did not occur?  I have been driving for quite a while myself but, now days I don’t travel very far and only get my petrol from my local station, because I know exactly how to operate their pump.


Though the sign I pictured must have been there for ages I noticed it just a few days ago and my first thought was that the world of big business is slowly becoming a little more caring again.  As an able bodied driver it has never crossed my mind that a disability may allow a person to drive but make filling up the car difficult.  So it was quite reassuring to realise that a garage attendant would be willing to leave his place behind the counter to help out every now and then.   It was then that I noticed the telephone number given.  The code indicates that it is in Manchester …


So, if you need to phone that number for help,  you have to call Manchester ( which, according to Google,  is roughly 4 hours and 11 minutes, and 225.2 miles away) in order to get someone to help you to bridge the gap between the pump you parked next to and your vehicle’s petrol tank?


The world is truly getting smaller!


HW, Crofton Park