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Working on the Detox from the outside in.

04 Dec 2019

Dear LPG, 


I have heard lots about detoxification over the years, and always promised myself that I would have a go, but when I was still one of the nation’s workers there was never time.  Then I retired and found myself equally as busy to start with, but now that I have been retired for a few years the routine is not so hectic and even though, if you look on the internet, the concept has now been abbreviated to the ‘detox’, and it’s the latest thing for the young to do I decided to put into practice the theory that I promised myself all those years ago. 


The idea of cleansing your inside has always appealed to me, my theory being if you can keep it a bit cleaner more naturally your organs will not need to work so hard and therefore last a bit longer.  I hear that one of the biggest secrets of achieving this is drinking lots of water and I have tried to be good on that level.  There are lots of Detox diets around but, let’s face it, there is a diet for everything these days and, though I have tried to detox that way, my resolve always deteriorates very quickly when it comes to following complicated recipes on a daily basis.

Then I remembered years ago when all the older members of my family swore by an Epsom salts bath and, now that I am beginning to feel the odd ache and pain from time to time, I decided that while I still can get into the bath, I should have a go. I have to admit that I am not sure how detoxifying it is, but on a scale of 1-to-10 it gets a 12 from me for relaxation.


I also know that, like many of my friends, my family always tell me that I am a notoriously hard person to choose a present for and there are many interesting recipes for detoxing from the outside in. so instead of attempting jams and sweets this year I think one day of preparation could be the answer to many a Christmas or birthday present, and a one-off session using a simple recipe might be an original solution for those friends who have everything this year including the gentleman.


Perhaps LPG might think it a good idea to repeat this thought nearer Christmas as a reminder for when you are racking your brain about what to buy then.  


JL, Beckenham.



JL has shared some recipes for readers to try on themselves first and then perhaps as presents although LPG would offer a word of advice.  It is a very good idea to make sure that all the ingredients of anything you give away are listed so that those allergic to any of them are forewarned.  It is to be noted that bath water can get through the paws into the body.


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LPG have also found some information on the history of detoxification that may interest some readers.

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