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A little encouragement for those that need it….

23 Jun 2019

Dear LPG,


I live in a care home these days and really appreciate visits from quite a few members of my family.   I will start by saying that my granddaughter has written this down for me as I am much better at supervised browsing of the internet than I ever will be at contributing to the writing of any part of it.  I suppose, like many others of my age, I was born during another era but I enjoy a little surfing when she is around and I am always surprised at what we can find. 


With each of my visitors I tend to do different things and, this particular granddaughter always brings her tablet so that we can take a look at what is going on in the world.   Recently we came across this video which I feel it would be good for some of LPG’s older readers to watch. 


I am now in my late eighties and often get quite depressed about where my life is going, perhaps because I spend a lot more time depressing myself about the future and not appreciating my past.  I think that I am preoccupied with how old I am and how little I do with my life these days but the people featured here make me feel really young and remind me that I may still have a long way  to go.   I think that memories are one of the really important things which give purpose to life and help to keep us going and I found it good to be able to compare mine with some people who are even older than me.


So if you are approaching your eighties or nineties, or even if you are just getting disheartened with the direction your life is taking, this video may make you think a little differently.


FW, Greenwich