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Every picture tells a story (chapter 3)

29 Jun 2019

Dear LPG,


I read your first post on the subjects of pictures telling a story (►►►), and ever since I have found myself noticing parts of this borough that we often see but rarely really take in. 


I don’t drive any more but often fine myself in one or other of my children’s cars as they ferry me from one place to another.  Sitting in the front passenger’s seat of a car with a reasonably clean windscreen allows me to appreciate the wonderful scenery available to us in our borough and, as a result of your post, I am much more ready to use the camera on my trusty mobile phone when inspired by what I see.


I took this picture at the top of Drakefell Road in Brockley, where I always find the contrast between the very real cars and street in the foreground, and the distant skyline on the horizon quite spectacular, especially when the sun is in just the right place.   


I know it is only a snap when compared to all the professional images that are available these days, but I hope that my picture will inspire a few more members of the Lewisham public and those from other boroughs, to remember that the sky above London is as awesome as those in many, and dare I say, all the other exotic locations that our friends talk about when they return from their far-flung holidays in picturesque parts of the world, while they remember to use their cameras and record what they see.


AR, Brockley