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To the 10% born on the other side… Happy International Lefthanders' day

13 Aug 2019

Dear LPG. 


I recently learned that today is dedicated to me, because I am in a minority where I share at least one of the traits that is part of me with only 10% of the population. 


I am left-handed and remember being admonished for this when I was young.  At school, in the 1960s, I was always encouraged to write with my right hand and often punished for not remembering to do so.  Even my father made me feel odd because I naturally picked up a pencil with the wrong hand or used my knife and fork ‘back to front’.  I believe that, to this day, my writing style has suffered because of my so called affliction.


I have now learned that historically we left handers were thought to be people from the dark side.  It was thought that if you were left handed you were more likely to be a witch or warlock.


At the time I only knew that I was a naturally back to front person, but luckily more is understood now and left handed people are allowed to be left handed; something that made such a difference to my now 40 year old nephew who started school in the 1980s.  These days there are lots of gadgets especially made for people who are left handed and it feels as though we have finally been accepted for what we are;   people with certain parts of our brains placed in the wrong side of our heads. There are even a couple of shops that specialise in making our lives easier.


Anyway, we have finally arrived with our own celebratory day, which was first recognised in 1976 and although I don’t actually know what one can do to celebrate it, I was surprised to receive a present last year of a left handed note book.  I have since bought a few left handed items and after years of having to make do I cannot explain the difference that a left handed pen or pair of scissors can make to your life if you are a left hander who has never tried one.


I will bet that if you are not one, you know a member of this particular 10% and so I say happy international lefthanders day and invite everybody to do the same.


 GB, Brands Hatch





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LPG has found some shopping sites that specialise in products for left handers just in case you want to buy a present...


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