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Magnets and hard water…

11 Jul 2019

Dear LPG



I recently wrote about the advantage of adding vinegar to your washing up liquid if you really want your glassware to look cleaner (►►►).  But since writing I have found out a little more about how hard water can affect the things that we use it for. From what I understand the minerals in the water that come through our taps has a harsh effect when it gets into our boilers, washing machines and dishwashers, resulting in the demise of such appliances occurring a lot sooner .


Apparently, Lewisham and London in general, have a real hard water problem and there are two significant ways of dealing with it. 


The first is to get a bit of equipment which will soften the water chemically, while the second is all about magnets.  I cannot say that I know exactly how it all works but I spent about £60.00 on a water descaling magnet and there is a definite difference when I wash up these days.  I then began to look for a way to work out if the device I bought is really working well and found the video that I have asked LPG to add to my post,  and having tried the test I have to say magnets appear to be the way forward.


GD, Beckenham.


Please find  a link to the video that GD was referring to below




LPG has also found some related information



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