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TV Licence concessions; something else to be taken away from pensioners?

09 Jul 2019

Dear LPG,


I see that we, the over 75s will no longer be exempt from paying the dreaded TV licence (fees).  I could see this coming because it is a known fact and proclaimed by the media that British pensioners are wealthy and have disposable income, so paying the fee won’t cause hardship to most people.  If we are honest, for many pensioners, the facts are true, but who wants to pay out money if they can avoid doing it, so we have an outcry by pensioners and agencies against the ruling.


The BBC is a law unto themselves.  Why should they not be like the majority of other networks throughout the world and generate revenue by advertising?  They are too posh for that.  The British Broadcasting Corporation, with its status and old-school values, wants to continue paying special people over the top salaries because we are their cash cows.  Some people will argue that we will have choices because there is other screen media that doesn’t require a licence to view.  This is what most people assume because the BBC will argue that if you have a television, and cannot prove that you never watch the BBC, you will need a licence to watch it.


It will be interesting to see if the June 21st protest was effective enough to show the government that they cannot just plead poverty at every turn and assume the public will resign themselves and just accept their rulings. 


Rudy Morgan

Forest Hill