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19 Sep 2019

Dear LPG,


There is nothing very remarkable about me.  I am a very average pensioner who grew up and have lived in Lewisham all my life and I think that I know as much as anyone else about what I see around me, but today when online and googling nothing in particular, I came across a video that perhaps needs to be shared.


It is not called slavery any more but the whole question of human trafficking caught my eye.   I have read books on the subject and seen the odd play on TV where part of the story surrounds such goings on but we often forget that it can be reality for someone who we see on the streets near us.


I find it quite frightening that we could be passing someone who is caught up in this world and who is being exploited, as we walk down the street to the shops and without even noticing.   I have read that statistics are hard to come by because the signs are so hard to spot but I would hate to think that someone who lives near me is being forced to live in this way.


With this in mind I found a website which gives a little insight in to how you can spot a potential victim and how we can report anything suspicious.  While, from what I have learned, such victims are much younger than many of the readers of the LPG they often don’t have a voice and need others to speak up for them which is why I would like to get LPG to highlight the fact that all people, no matter how young or old may be able to see and flag up a potential issue.


I have asked LPG to share some of the ways we can help and what signs to look out for.


BB, Crofton Park


BB asked us to share the following links…


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