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02 Oct 2019

Dear LPG,


I rather like to write poems from time to time but find that trying to find the perfect rhyme can change the meaning and sentiment.  The result is that I spend endless hours trying to make the meter and rhymes fit at the expense of the piece and its original meaning so,  I have to say ,that I recently found a bit of history which has rather set the poet in me free.


Did you know that an American named Walt Whitman realised a form of poetry which is now called ‘Free Verse’  and when I write I believe that, even before I knew it,  I had to thank him for making my poems formally acceptable. 


I got to thinking recently about what sort of person I am and penned a rhyme that I would like to share with LPG readers…






The way people are


Some people are Readers and gain knowledge from it,

Some people are Thinkers and then do great things,

Some people are Talkers and never do anything,

Some people are Doers and get things done,


Some people are Workers and achieve their gold,

Some people are Shirkers and never fulfil their goals

Some people are Liars and can’t be believed,

Some people are Honest and never deceive,


Some people are Pleasant in manner and are well liked.

Some people are Rude, arrogant, loathed and often despised,

Some people are of High Principles and won’t compromise,

Some people are Unscrupulous and should be treated with contempt,


Which people are you?




Rudy Morgan.




LPG found some information on Walt Whitman and Free Verse, and offers it below…


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