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Sorting the lies form the truth…

29 Sep 2019

Dear LPG,


I found it interesting to read what PM had to say on the subject of lying in the LPG post which was dated September 4th 2019 (►►►).  I did have a go at one of the tests and I have to admit that, having answered the questions, perhaps I lie a bit more than I thought throughout each day.


The thing is that most of those lies are pretty white or at least light as lies go.  I made a conscious new year’s resolution a couple of Januaries ago to be more truthful and it is a very hard resolution to keep, but I found looking at the problem from the other side of the coin quite interesting too.


I spent some time working out what the so called internet experts have to say about the best ways to tell if someone is lying to you and it is interesting that the trends these days are veering away from polygraphs and NLP theories somewhat.


I found some interesting videos about how to read the body language of someone who is not telling the whole truth although again they fail to explain if the traits change as you get older.


Although even us oldies might find it helpful to being a little closer to being able to work out if the shop assistant who is trying to talk you into buying something you are not sure you really need is telling the truth with his impressive descriptions.  


 I found that what they had to say interesting though and hope that those readers who feel that they have a bit of spare time on their hands learn a thing or two.


RB, Grove Park



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