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The cost of the air that we breathe…

20 Oct 2019

Dear LPG,


 I don’t know if I am the only person that is aware of this but when I was really young, I remember that I was always conscious of the aroma when I went into my Grandma and Granddad’s  house.  I was aware of how musty it smelt even though it always appeared to be really clean and tidy and in perfect order; and this coming from a person who has to admit to having quite a poor sense of smell.


I have to say that there are now so many different air-fresheners available that the problem is not quite that bad, and I often wonder if this is because of the fact that we are all willing to spend so much more on these products. 


I don’t think my house smells but, as I said, I do not have a strong sense of smell. The answer for me has been air sprays since they became the thing, but they only work when you remember to spray them, and my first thought is not to get the spray can when the doorbell rings.


Now there are the battery operated types which are ok until you forget to check the batteries and they go flat, and we should not discount the diffusers which, while I can’t smell the difference in my home, appear to work.  I have always had a fear of the plug-in ones after once hearing a story about how one overheated and generated a house fire.   I feel that I am spending far too much on fragrances and wondered if there was a more inexpensive way to sort the problem. 


I took a look on the internet where I found some interesting and natural ideas which may offer a solution and I have decided to get some coffee, baking powder, oranges, cinnamon and a few other ingredients to see if they make a difference.  The internet has taught me that this may be a way forward and I wanted to share my findings to any readers who may be interested.


So even though I cannot always really smell anything bad in my house, I can smell the new smells that I have learnt about and it will be interesting to find out if my future visitors can tell the difference.   I will be quizzing my grandchildren first!



SL, Grove Park



As usual most of the information that SL offers comes from the USA and mentions products which are not available in London but there are a lot of natural tricks mentioned too.


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