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10 Nov 2019

Dear LPG readers,


If you are reading this page your life probably began not long after WWII and during what was called the cold war.   The Berlin wall was being constructed and many films and books were based on spying and espionage.  We were all aware of the national secrets that each nation was trying its best to make sure was kept from those around them, while they were trying to present themselves as friendly and cordial during the official visits of their national neighbours’ representatives and allies.  It was a time when discretion was everything and a time that, I am sure, many of us would rather forget.


We know that, even though it is not so obvious these days, there are still a lot of secrets, but we individuals don’t have to be part of that world; or do we. 


I like to think that my life is an open book now but, in a world, and particularly a borough which is part of a country renowned for the amount of closed circuit TV cameras that patrol it, we need to be conscious that the walls still do have ears. 


It is sad that in this day and age, when it is so easy to find oneself really isolated as we get older.

The natural ‘over the fence’ chats that used to be the norm are no longer. We again really need to be so vigilant and careful about who we say what to. 


One of the most obvious reasons when this will be important is if you are planning a holiday.  So please make sure that, in addition to cancelling the papers and milk (if they still deliver), you don’t mention the dates or details as you have that goodbye chat at the front door with a trusted friend or family member before they leave.  I would also remind you that while you and visitors are doing a bit of communal gardening, or having an alfresco cup of tea in the back garden, the grass and plants may also be accused of the ability to give secrets away.   Walls still have ears and so do gardens and the streets near where you live.


 RB, Grove Park