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Some raw facts about Crudivorisme

21 Nov 2019

Dear LPG readers,


Do you remember those long lost days when you used to go to work?  Many workers really get to know a little more about each other at lunchtimes because talking and eating sort of go hand in hand, but a lot of that conversation is forgotten as soon as your packed lunch is finished and work resumes for the afternoon.  


Our group consisted of omnivores, vegetarians, vegans and one Crudivore.  I remember the group that I worked with having many a lunch time discussion on many a subject including our favourite foods but, as I said, subjects come and subjects go.


Now most of us have been retired for over 5 years but I recently found one of the group member’s telephone numbers which spurred me on to make one of those ‘out of the blue’ telephone calls.  


We decided to meet up at her house and I learned what a crudivore is.  She does not eat anything that is cooked at all.  In place of a cooker she has a dehydrator in her kitchen and even though I remember this subject coming up a few times during those lunchtime conversations,  having a bite of food with her brought a whole lot of things to light.


She believes her diet to be better for her body’s immune system and tells me that she used to be much more prone to illness before getting involved.  I remember wondering just what is left to eat when you take the cooker out of the equation, but I was pleasantly surprised with salad and smoothies, although I think that I would miss a good old-fashioned bowl of hot stew when it comes to dinner time on a cold winter’s evening.


I invited her to my home and was quite surprised that there is so much information and so many recipes when I looked on the internet in preparation.  I thought it would be good to share some of what I found just in case there are any readers who have any friends that practice raw foodyism or you would like to try the odd recipe.  My friend and I have started meeting a little more often and I have found some interesting salad ideas for when she visits me, but I have to say that while many of her recipes make for a refreshing change, I don’t think I am quite ready to completely change my diet.


 JW, New Cross





JW offered some recipes…


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And LPG found a few facts…



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