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Thinking of thanking someone? Do it on Saturday!

07 Jan 2020

Dear LPG readers,



There are so many celebration and awareness days on our annual calendars these days that sometimes I think that we are in danger of drowning in them, and that is before you start to look into the awareness weeks and months.  We seem to be becoming literally swamped but I do like to find the unusual ones, and when I do, there is always a different reaction.


With that in mind I have learned that this Saturday has been designated as ‘International Thank You day’.  


I have asked LPG to post this thought a week in advance so that readers have a little time to think about who they would like to thank when Saturday arrives.


I haven’t bothered to work out the official ways of celebrating this one although there is lots of information online about how to thank work colleagues and friends.  With a few days’ notice I am sure that we can all think of someone who really deserves our thanks; a special son or daughter, all of them and the grandchildren, that nurse that did not have to help, that friend who we can call at two in the morning when we can’t sleep. 


There has always been the odd section of thank you cards available in the shops which are usually hidden in a corner of the racks, but there is so much more that we can do than just sending one of those.  Perhaps today is the day to think about a couple of people that we really take for granted; the ones that do so much for us while we don’t even notice most of the time. 


I know that even a word of thanks is something we so often forget to offer those who are always around us and, as we get older, we depend on family, friends, and professionals a little more each day without remembering that many of them don’t have to do what they do to make our lives just that little bit more comfortable.


Perhaps they are the people who we should be thinking of thanking when Saturday comes around.


AV, Mottingham


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