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Older and colder… Avoiding the draught…

10 Dec 2019

Dear LPG,


It is now getting colder, summer is over and my home and my body are both getting older every year.  I am sure that I am not the only pensioner to notice that each year.  We are all getting used to hearing about the home improvements that have been offered by the government, but although many homes have benefited and many of us know someone who has been offered one, I always thought that such schemes were stopped because of the state of the UK’s economic health.   One thing that I did not know until last year is that there are still home improvement grants, that are specifically aimed at improving energy efficiency, there are homes that have missed out so far.


Last year I was offered the opportunity to get loft insulation, and draft proofing around all my internal windows and doors even though I thought that they were only for people living in what used to be called council houses.   I always thought that these grants were only for those who do not own their own houses but I do own my house and still was eligible.


I have found some online information about where to start and would like to share it with LPG readers and, while I hope that it makes interesting reading which will change a few lives, I also found the telephone number of the Energy Saving Trust which is 0800 444202.


So, now that the summer son has stopped offering us hot sweaty days, if you have any concerns about draughts in your home can I suggest you read some of the information I have left below or make an initial call?


 JW, Catford



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