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Every picture tells a story (chapter 6) - A whole new way of looking at the world...

18 Dec 2019

Dear LPG


One of my favourite types of feature on your news pages are those that show pictures which have been captured on mobile phones, and earlier today I really believe I was fortunate to find myself with the presence of mind to click when I saw this scene in front of me.


I fly quite a bit these days but there is usually a film to help to pass the time and, after the initial bit when you can actually feel the plane's wheels leave the tarmac, my attention is usually taken up with eating and film-watching as well as the odd attack of nodding off as you do when you get older. 


On this occasion I went on a short hall internal flight which left late because of bad weather, and after about an hour of looking out to see nothing but the rain and thunder storm that was the cause of all the inconvenience, we set off.


I have to admit to being disappointed when I realised that it was a small plain and older than I was used to but once settled I looked around to find that there was no monitor on the back of the seat in front of me.


It was a short flight, as I said, and the lack of electronic entertainment left me looking through the window where, once we had climbed up and levelled off, I caught sight of the view above all those clouds which I feel the need to share with readers now...  a whole new world. 


I hope you appreciate the sight as much as I did and ask that you take the occasional break from the film when you next get on an aeroplane.  There are some really interesting things to see through the window...



KA, Lewisham