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Post Code conundrums…

15 Jan 2020

Dear LPG, 


I know that in this world of computers, writing or typing a letter to put in the post box is evolving into a task of the past, but if any of us still put pen to paper rather than finger to computer key or telephone dial these days it is most likely to be us, the older citizens of the community.


I still write letters and the other day wanted to send a note to a good friend that I have lost touch with.  Getting out is getting a little more difficult for me these days and it is worryingly frightening when I think of how quickly the time goes by and how easy it is to lose touch with those friends you don’t see every day. 


Having written my letter, I did the usual.  I got a stamp (I know all about inflation but the price of those has evolved out of all recognition!) and an envelope, which was when I realised that I never actually got her address or telephone number. 



I used to see her quite often when we worked at the same place and when we both first retired I used to visit her a couple of times a year, but while I remembered the street name and her house number I had no idea of her post code. 


My grandson helped me out by telling me about one online service that the Royal Mail provides.  It is called post code finder.  All you have to do is enter the bit of address that you do know and, as long as you know the general area of the address you are looking for you are nearly guaranteed to find the corresponding post code.  It also works well if you ever need to enter that address into a sat nav. 


It worked perfectly and I have no doubt that there are other sites which do the same thing, but I thought it would be a good idea to pass on the information for any other readers who find themselves with a post code conundrum.



LC, Honor Oak Park


LC left the Royal Mail’s post code finder link…