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Don’t get caught on a bus looking like an April fool…

22 Feb 2020

Dear LPG,


It often appears that more and more of the things that older people have come to appreciate seem to gradually disappear, but I think that one of the most important things we still have is the Freedom pass.  I have had one for what seems like years and it has allowed me the freedom that its name suggests.


A friend called the other day having actually checked the renewal date on hers while another friend mentioned that she got a letter.  Between the two of them I was reminded how important it is to actually check the expiry date on the card that I so readily tap against the Oyster card reader as I get in the bus. 


They appear to always go out of date on the last day in March each year and this got me looking at the internet and what Lewisham Council have to say about making sure that you do not get caught on April Fool’s day with a bus pass that is out of date. 


Having taken a look at Lewisham council’s Freedom pass page, my first warning goes out to pensioners who drive to most places.  You need to be reminded that your freedom pass will not automatically be renewed if you have not used it during the past two years.  I suggest that you go for one quick ride on a bus if you can. 


You will only get a reminder letter if the council’s records show that something has changed; perhaps your address, or your name.  For most other people your freedom pass should arrive automatically but, if it has not arrived by mid-March 2020, it might be worth giving them a call.   The telephone number is on the back of your existing Freedom pass. 0300 330 1433.  


I just thought a timely reminder might be in order…



BH, Brockley


LPG gave them a call and asked about people whose passes are about to expire, and who would not be able to renew them online, and were told that if you call they will send a letter with a form asking a couple of simple questions, which you can complete and send back…


BH has asked us to share Lewisham Council’s page concerning Freedom Passes…