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There is more to SAD than just feeling that way…

17 Mar 2020

Dear LPG,


You know those mornings when you get up feeling negative even though you can’t put your finger on exactly why?   I know those mornings all too well, and I also know that I am not the only one that suffers.  When I am not too preoccupied with feeling that way, I realise that it is happening quite a lot lately.  Those off days really do get to you more often in the winter.  Some of us wake up feeling negative on a frighteningly regular bases and it is all down to the fact that we don’t get as much vitamin D at this time of year.


 We have all heard of SAD but it is a bit like Christmas, it creeps up on us every year even though we know it’s coming and we still miss that fact that it has arrived.  Christmas usually keeps us preoccupied but once that has gone many of us get that ‘there’s nothing to look forward to’ feeling and SAD is the result.


It is also to be said that not having enough of this stuff is bad for bones and, let’s face it, as we get older our bones have enough to deal with. 


I know that we can talk vitamin D supplements at a time like this but I have always made a point of avoiding pills that I really don’t need to take so I did a little research. 


It is interesting how lost you can get when googling but after a little surfing, I have come to the conclusion that there are some things that you can eat that will help with the vitamin deficiency, but there is little evidence that they will make you feel less depressed, while investing in a SAD lamp will make you feel better though it is unlikely to improve your body’s ability to process the vitamin D it gets and help a bit with any traits of arthritis. The best thing you can do is get out and about for a little while every day, if you possibly can, (even if it is overcast and cold) because the Ultra Violet light is the best course of vitamin D regardless of the weather.  This is one of the best ways to feel positive and help those older bones, and if that isn’t working your doctor is the next course of action.  I have decided that I will let him decide if a vitamin supplement needs to be considered.


I left you some of the websites and videos that might help you make your mind up…


KB, Beckenham



KB was not joking when telling us that a little research went into this message


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